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My Nipple Discharges
I have been using a dual electric breast pump for some time now, pumping several times per day, and it has really drawn me out. I am fuller and my nipples are like organ stops. I have had a few drops of clear liquid, but that's all.

Now that the colder weather has arrived, I am able to carry nipple suction teats inside my bra without presenting too large a bust.

Yesterday, I went for broke. I sucked myself into a pair of Nipplefunwear size 4XL teats, using Johnson's baby oil as a lubricant. These are long & wide and exert a lot of suction. I knew I would have to wear them for several hours without the possibility of removing them.

I felt great, but as the suction took hold, my nipples really started to ache. As time went by, the ache and nipple suction actually became pleasurable!

Once home, I slipped down my bra straps and flopped myself out only to find that I couldn't release the teats from my nipples and the ends contained some milky fluids.

After prising them off, I had a breast pump session, but I was dry.

I will be carrying my teats on my nipples full time tomorrow.
I guess I'm on the possible lactation train myself. I was putting in some nipple barbells yesterday and dried "milk" was evident in some ducts. No doubt to me, having had my former wife breastfeed for years, so far only on my right nipple. It's more developed (montgomery glands) than the left at this point. I would be thrilled to lactate lol.
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hy' iv just started using the nipple suction cups but have not got to the length of wearing that you have but I did get my first clear liquid the other day this was a surprise, but nothing since. iv also found that I love playing with my nipples they are so sensitive and the tingle goes right to the nice feeling inside I bought the cups because of several posts on here about the suction cups and had to try them. cheer's for now stepheny.

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