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spironolactone and licorice = synergistic combination?
fwiw I can't speak Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese). The OP was pointing out the discovery of elevating the side effects of spironolactone with LR. Competing with ER's is inconsequential considering how spiro/LR will raise E2 by destroying testicular and adrenal androgens.

Maybe 25mg to 50mg of spiro is an alternative to higher doses?, especially considering how E2 inhibits DHT already too. That's assuming we've already reached the target therapeutic threshold of reduced androgens, imho. Blush

I don't know if I'll keep spiro either tbh, I doubt I even need it. Interestingly, (or oddly) a recent study I saw induced facial hair regrowth in some menopausal women, which I would say our (er, us) hormone levels are somewhat comparable ( re: postmenopasaule women ) . Which makes sense for me because I see faster facial hair regrowth on 100 mg of spiro as to lower amounts (which puzzled me considering I have .3 ng/dL TT (total testosterone) and .5 pg/mL free Testosterone (meaning zero T).

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