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Best types of exercise
Types of exercise really depends where you are now, where you want to be, your body type, metabolism, hormone levels, etc.  What direction do you need to go in order to feminize your body?

If you are heavier, you may want to preserve certain curves while toning out other areas.  If you are thinner, you may want to build mass in certain areas while preserving tone elsewhere.  Some people sweat bullets trying to bulk up while others merely glance at some dumbbells and turn into the Hulk (or She-Hulk).

Good guideline: if you're building, 7-12 reps.  If you're toning, 15-20 with cardio.

For body shaping outside of the gym:  ice skating and dancing can have a positive effect for toning and some hip/glute development.  Cycling works for quite a few others as well but not for me, as my quads tend to take over most compound exercises.  Because of this, I find the gym works best for me.


I like to use the stair-climber in a similar fashion as this link describes using a treadmill.  I walk on an imaginary runway line while slightly exaggerating hip movement and flexing/focusing glutes.

I like to switch between barbell squats and incline leg press while alternating stances.  My favorite exercises are curtsy lunges and the hip abduction machine with resistance bands.

FitnessBlender has a few good routines here, here, and over here.  But it's hard to go wrong with squats, lunges, dirty dawgs, and donkey kicks.  A couple more suggestions from T-nation and Bret Contraras.


For my core, I do different exercises taken from FitnessBlender's Hourglass workout and P90X Ab Ripper.  I generally design a circuit with exercises that target each core area (upper, middle, lower, obliques/sides) once and repeat.  Usually modified crunches (elbows to hips not knees), modified knee tucks/v ups (back & legs 1" off floor, bring knees & elbows together), leg raises, and Russian twists, repeat.  Vacuum poses can be a beneficial addition to help work toward a more "wasp waist" shape.

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