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Abi Drew's plan
OK. So... I already did an introduction post about myself, but a small recap on the important bits:

My Vital Statistics:

Age: 27
Sex: Genetically Male
Gender: Mentally Female
Height: 5'4"
Starting Weight: 140 lbs
Starting Sizes:
     35" above bust
     37" over bust
     33" under bust
     29" waist
     37" hips

Okay, so with where I'm starting out of the way, let's get to my goals.

My external goals:
  • Slim my waist to 27" and lose at least 20 lbs to do so.
  • Increase my hip and bust while maintaining a 1:1 ratio or as close to as possible.
  • Decrease my body hair
  • Improve my head hair
  • Improve my nails
  • Thin and soften my skin
My internal goals:
  • Bring my Testosterone levels down to as close to or within female range as possible.
  • Bring my Phytoestrogen levels up to a level comparable to those of an MtF transsexual on estradiol valerate.
  • Bring my Progesterone levels up to a level in harmony with my elevated estrogen levels.

Those are some hefty goals, I know! Well, now let's talk about how I wanna get there.

My Supplement Plan (with product links):
This will cost around 400 USD every 3 months. Which is about 133 USD a month, which is less than the cost of just one antiandrogen for a month without health insurance. Which, by the way, I do not have. Monthly HRT without insurance would be reaaaaaaaally close to the cost of this plan every 3 months.

I will possibly tweak the Chinese Skullcap dosage after I get a sense for what it's doing to me. I might be planning an overdose. Which shouldn't cause immediate danger if so, but.

After I get my weight down where I want it I'll be removing the Fat Burner from the plan. I'll be keeping the Glucomannan+, because I really do have a tough time with craving control and I imagine flooding my system with higher-than-normal progesterone and estrogen will only make this worse.

In addition to the supplements, I'll be using my noogleberry every night before bed, gradually building the pressure and then sleeping with it on. This methodology of using my noogleberry is already seeming to get me some mild success, so I imagine continuing to do it this way certainly won't hurt anything and may even accelerate the breast growth.

Further, to help burn the fat cells and then maintain fitness, I'll be riding my bicycle every night as well.
Abi Drew's plan: http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=12888&pid=73468#pid73468
BTW. I haven't actually started this yet. I'm planning to order my first month and a half's supply next week, after I deposit some money into the bank today.

I'm currently on a "holding" pattern of Saw Palmetto and Chaste berry, had also included licorice but I just stopped that to avoid complications from a bad possible interaction between licorice and Chinese Skullcap.

Hopefully by the time everything gets here the licorice will be at least mostly washed out of my system. Licorice, unfortunately, has a habit of sticking around a long long time.

Once I start, I'll post a note that I've begun and edit the top post with my start date. After, I'll post monthly progress updates and edit the top post to include a "current" vital stats.
Abi Drew's plan: http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=12888&pid=73468#pid73468
Hm. I didn't realize this forum disallows editing after so long... I was incorrect on the amount of progesterone I should get at that dose, SOOOO, I'll be starting that out at only 1/8th twice a day.

Also, I'm very seriously considering buying a corset and doing corset training as part of the whole regimen.
Abi Drew's plan: http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=12888&pid=73468#pid73468
Your plan seems great! Good luck! Also try looking into creams/oils to rub in. Or make your own mixture! External creams/oils gave e alot of growth. And maybe try hypno therapy however I'm not to sure how well it'll work in MtF.
Bra: 30G/FF

Under Bust: 29 Bust: 38

Site I Use: http://www.atlastravel.nazwa.pl/mini/

Goals: Push my breasts more forward while continuing to grow them.

(02-09-2012, 03:30 PM)Emily Loretta Wrote: Your plan seems great! Good luck! Also try looking into creams/oils to rub in. Or make your own mixture! External creams/oils gave e alot of growth. And maybe try hypno therapy however I'm not to sure how well it'll work in MtF.


Uhm... I'm not necessarily trying to get the fastest possible boob growth, this is more about attempting to emulate HRT using things I can get OTC. I know, that sounds weird coming from someone who'd actually bother joining these forums, but... Big Grin

I might consider the hypno though. Certainly can't hurt if I can somehow get hold of some mp3's cheaply... Rolleyes

I finally broke down and joined here mainly because I figured that all my research ought to be shared SOMEHOW. And this forum seemed the most responsible place to share it... If I went off and announced it to my usual TG haunt, I'd probably create a pandemic of TG's just blindly copying me without listening to their own bodies. Sad

I also wanted to ask someone here a question... They still haven't answered me though... Blush

Doesn't matter... What worked for her wouldn't be likely to work for me anyways ^^
Abi Drew's plan: http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=12888&pid=73468#pid73468
Can't afford a corset right now, but definitely doing the rest of it. Just got done ordering everything for my first month and a half of this plan (45 days), should be here in time to start on the 16th.

Some of the stuff will last for 50 days, some only 45 days, some even longer...
Abi Drew's plan: http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=12888&pid=73468#pid73468
The PM is supposed to get here tomorrow according to USPS.

Paypal is being lazy about processing my payment through at Swanson. Hopefully I still get the rest of the stuff in a timely manner. Stupid Paypal. Dodgy

On the weight loss bit, I've calculated my nutritional needs to grow, then calculated my calorie level to lose weight, and worked out a tidy little diet plan.

I've got this bean paste recipe that I made a long time ago, which made an excellent base on which to build a complete high-density protein paste. A single sandwich with this stuff on rye with a slice of sharp cheddar nets me a complete protein at about 25g a sandwich at about 440 calories. There's lunch.

For breakfast, I'm thinking greek yogurt, which has a complete protein and tends to average about 15g of protein and 100 calories a serving. This brings me to about 40g a day and 540 calories.

For dinner, I'm thinking a light salad with cooked chicken breast. a 6 oz breast tends to average between 40g and 60g of protein and 360 calories. This brings me to 80 to 100g of protein and 900 calories. I need at least 1300 calories if I do my dairly cardio, for the "extreme weight loss" profile, so, I can indulge in whatever empty calories I like for the last 400 calories.

Can anyone say Ice Cream? Big Grin

Or I could just eat two sandwiches and get crazy extra high protein... Up to 125g of complete protein a day... wow. Cool

This sort of crash diet ought to probably give me my weight goal in just a few months while not hindering my body. Especially with the whole multi from Swanson providing me with my complete micro-nutrition. And with the crazy high protein profile from this diet... I'll probably grow like crazy Wink
Abi Drew's plan: http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=12888&pid=73468#pid73468
Just got an email a little bit ago from Swanson's. Even though Paypal's still being a bunghole, they've already gone ahead and sent my order out earlier today. Sent via UPS, so I should likely get that by Wednesday. UPS shipments from them always seem to reach me quick.

Abi Drew's plan: http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=12888&pid=73468#pid73468
Way to go AbiDrew!

I think this is fantastic. But I would say slowly titrate up if you are going to add BO to your PM.

Just a note in case you didn't know: Lic root is something that is supposedly taken for 6 weeks then you must break for at least 3 weeks as it is not a tonic herb. But it sounds like you are only doing it short term anyway.

Good Luck!
Starting size before NBE: Full A
2013: Full C/Small D Goal: 36-22-36.
Currently: 32DD 36" 24" 36.5"


(08-09-2012, 04:51 AM)tibetan113 Wrote: Just a note in case you didn't know: Lic root is something that is supposedly taken for 6 weeks then you must break for at least 3 weeks as it is not a tonic herb. But it sounds like you are only doing it short term anyway.

Good Luck!


Licorice is interesting... It's main danger is in pseudohyperaldosteronism because it blocks corticosteroids from being further reduced along each branch, causing a deficit in actual aldosterone and an increased binding of corticosteroids to aldosterone receptors, which actually overstimulate the receptors... Fun stuff.

You actually CAN take moderately high-dose licorice long term as long as you ALSO include things to combat the PHA. Which I had been doing.

I've already quit the licorice, though. And all the stuff I was taking to combat the induced PHA it caused.

Chinese skullcap is much safer. It also blocks the reduction of corticosteroids, but it's negligible, and there's been no evidence that without additional blockers to that pathway that it can cause the same degree of harm. In fact, all studies of chinese skullcap by itself indicate it's impossible to reach toxicity. So my main concern of an "overdose" of this herb is that I end up blocking toooo much T between it and SP. I want female range. Too much lower than that and I'm running risks for testosterone deficiency.
Abi Drew's plan: http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=12888&pid=73468#pid73468

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