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(24-01-2014, 04:18 AM)Samantha Rogers Wrote: Actually, digging back through the old threads on this massive site is a very humbling experience. There is so much accumulated wisdom in these threads. I do wish the search engine allowed for more specific results, but overall the volume alone is incredible. There are totally amazing stories and advice buried here.

So true Obi-wan Kenobi, Wink.....I fall asleep at night reading old posts with my version of scotch (ambien) and wake up the next morning still logged in!, I know, boring!
WOW! I am humbled and awed by the research abilities and scientific knowledge you show Lotus and Jacp. Thank you for the great information! I would be lying if I didn't say I am somewhat overwhelmed, but slogging through the best I can! Huh Every time I read something a new question comes up! As an Engineer Colonel said to me years ago, "Captain, you're pretty smart for a fellow who majored in business." Blush

Thanks to both of you for providing the information you do. If either of you want a subject for a project, I'm game if you think it will help the girls grow. Just sayin'!

Thanks again,
Thanks LL, ha!, my C.O. was a complete nut job!.....I don't think he ever slept!

I've recently have been looking into the shaping of breasts, or Morphogenesis of Mammary glands (shaping of the breasts). Activation of ER-α causes elongation or horizontal growth of mammary duct cells.

Progesterone receptor activation causes side-branching of mammary gland cells.

Density, areolar gland development, and gland lactation development are caused by prolactin receptor activation.

From the table the effects of 8-prenylnaringenin on estrogen receptors are shown. 8-prenylnaringenin directly stimulates ER-α and the progesterone receptor in the mammary glands. It also indirectly stimulates the prolactin receptor by causing an increase in prolactin. 8-prenylnaringenin (hops) stimulates the hormone receptors responsible for breast growth possibly in elongation, area, areola and density.

I love what hops can do but its not easy to supplement with, at least for me!, imo.

Mammary gland development requires both systemic hormones and local growth factor-mediated tissue interactions. Classical hormone ablation/replacement experiments, and more-recent genetic analyses in mice, have shown that post-pubertal gland development requires systemic hormones from ovary [estrogen (E) and progesterone (P)], pituitary [growth hormone (GH) and prolactin (PRL)] and adrenal gland (glucocorticoids) (Topper and Freeman, 1980). Loss of ovarian or pituitary function leads to failure of hormone-dependent ductal elongation after puberty, with E and GH participating primarily in ductal elongation and P and PRL participating primarily in alveolar development. Glucocorticoids enhance (but are not essential for) ductal elongation and are required for alveolar function in lactation.

So my question was how does the breast take shape?, and this is what I found, fascinating! Big Grin
Yes, very intetesting. I am leaning more and more to the belief that we need PG as well as PM.
On another note, I today received my little Chinese pills containg Peony and Licorice. They are small, round, hard black pills. 200 in a container. The side bar says a serving is eight and that a serving contains 1320 mg, but it does not give amounts of each ingredient, but rather simply states the ingredients as Paeoni lactiflora (peony root) and Glyeyrrhiza uralensis (licorice)...sheesh!Huh
It recommends 8 pills x 3 times a day. But I have no idea what the Chinese who created this product had in mind as a goal.Rolleyes
However, as I have today restarted my program, and being the adventurous moron that I am, I gallantly popped three of them immediately. Tee hee hee
Thoughts? Anyone?
First, Sam, you're killing me... if you by chance grow a third tit out of your forhead that the Chinese chemist didn't tell you about, please let us know! Big Grin

LA, my dear... what a VERY fascinating thought. So different estrogen receptors cause different growth attributes in breasts! Who'd a thunk it!

What is your issue with supplementing with Hops? See my post in your Aromatase thread... CHEERS HONEY! Cool What about the hops supplement tablets? One thing I did read about them is they act as a relaxant, so probably not something to take if you are going out and about, and especially if you're driving.

Okay, this makes my $.02 for the day. I'm off to buy a case of locally brewed IPA! Tongue

(24-01-2014, 11:30 PM)Lisa Lou Wrote: I'm off to buy a case of locally brewed IPA! Tongue


You and me both! Thankfully I have 3 local breweries that distribute to the stores nearby, though I could just drive to any of them and get it fresh on tap or perhaps bring home a gallon growler! Big Grin

I couldn't stop myself, Lisa. I tried, but the rhino told me to. I just can't argue with the rhino...sooo masterful!
If I grow a third tit...don't worry... I expect the whole world will know!
If nothing else, the rhino can't keep a secret...big blabbermouth.
Friggin Rhino... Can't trust 'em. I'm sure it will be attractive on you though, Sam, just an addition to your natural beauty. We'd love a pic, but, please, for god's sake, don't post a pic that Sarah can see, the poor girl will go blind! It could wind up being a penis growing out of your forehead... Chinaman's revenge! Big Grin
What does anyone think of https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Sexual_h...nlargement ?
(14-05-2014, 03:04 AM)lovely11 Wrote: What does anyone think of https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Sexual_h...nlargement ?

I liked it, I see it's your homepage, are you associated with wiki?

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