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I've seen a couple threads about compression tops.. Does anyone have any recommendations on brands, sizing and material?
I mostly have Underarmour compression tank tops (i.e., sleeveless) They seem to be the highest quality although they are pricey. I also have some Badger brand, but am not thrilled with them. I only have black and white ones, as I am not sure I can work easily with the colors.

They definitely flatten out my breasts and take care of my otherwise evident nipples. Curiously, I have never worn one to exercise. I just don't want to wear two layers in a workout, and I am too self-conscious to wear a compression shirt with nothing over top.
I use the 2xu pwx compression tops, especially for running. Usually the tri-singlets or compression tanks, but also the shorts. Works a treat, and avoids nasty rubbing. Tend not to bother with budget brands, they don't seem to have the same staying power.
I've been wearing these... http://www.chassecheer.com/product/lycra...-tank-top/

Granted I have to go with white 2XL, but since they have a shelf bra in them, they have more than enough lycra to compress A-cups. Go a size down if you want more compression (and are willing to deal with the extra time to get the damn thing on.)
I took a Road Runner Sports R-Gear Sportek A/B on its first run today. I got the medium because my bust is 35.25" and medium is 34-36". However, the band was a bit too tight. My underbust is 33" which makes me well under an A cup, so boob space and ribcage space are clearly not fungible with this design! In order for it to come on and off easily I had to stretch it out for a week by putting it around a box.

It performed well: no bouncing (and thus no post-run pain) and no nipple irritation. (Vaseline won't work for me anymore.) The only thing I would change would be to get rid of the affirmations plastered all over the inside: U R Perky, U R Speedy, U R Pretty, U R Fast, U R Beautiful, and U R Strong. They seem patronizing to me.
I'm currently stymied at finding a perfect solution for what to wear to work. Here's what I've tried so far. My measurements are 33"/36" under/across.

Compression shirt (S): does compress down to 35.5", but pinches hips.

Road Runner Sports Powertek A/B (L): does compress down to 35.5", but has thick racerback straps that show through my tighter shirts (and through my looser shirts too if I bend over)

Chasse Multi-Color Performance Tank (M): no compression, rough fabric

NYDJ City/Sport Seamed Trainer (S): no compression, bulky fabric, irritates nipples. (And that's not a typo: I'm a small!)

Necessity Athletic Performance Tank (XL): not only no compression, but makes them stick out more and bust goes up to 36.5". But it does prevent road bounce pain and is super-comfy so I wear it with my looser shirts and to bed.

So the current protocol is with my tighter shirts I wear a compression shirt, and with my looser shirts I wear an NYDJ (and use silicone nipple covers for protection). On days where I'm working alone I'll wear a looser shirt with a Necessity.

Does anyone know of something with a shelf bra that compresses as well as the Road Runner Sports while having an inconspicuous full back like the Chasse/NYDJ/Necessity? Road Runner Sports does have this but it has huge seams in weird places that would show through.
I spoke too soon. After washing, the NYDJ shrunk enough to be compressive. It's pretty hot for an undershirt and probably not useful in the summer.
Same story with the Chasse: it shrunk enough to be useful, but it also irritates the nipples so nipple covers will be necessary.
I finally found something perfect: Lucy Train Everyday Tank (S).
(28-05-2016, 03:26 PM)Candace Wrote: I finally found something perfect: Lucy Train Everyday Tank (S).

OUCH, they are expensive!

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