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Those on pm for long term
I am curious. I know the General time frame is 6 mos of consistent use of pm or bo before things are permanent such as hormonal changes sterility etc. I see many of the familiar faces have been on pm for longer than that. Question is:

Have you noticed any permanence in sterility, impotence, teste atrophy etc?
I've been using PM for about 6 months now, with a few breaks, and my male bits still seem to be functioning. I noticed when I switched to a morning/night routine instead of 3 times a day my libido does not drop off as much. I don't know if this will slow down development but I even increased dosage to 4000mg and it didn't make a difference in this regard.
I'll say that during my first round of NBE I had noticed a serious decrease in performance and function. After taking an extended break (not really sure how long) and after being back on I have not noticed the same effect. Only difference is that I'm not taking nearly as much SP and spearmint as I was before, but still taking between 1500 and 2500 PM daily. Even with this my breasts are still tender and growing, so from my experience it really depends on what combination of herbs you are using, dosage and how your body reacts to it all.

Regardless, even before I started NBE my boy parts were not functioning like they were 20+ years ago! Wink
My biggest concern is sterility. I wonder how much of that is recoverable? At what dose and at what length can I take it so I don't get permanent sterility while still growing the most breast tissue possible?

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