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Breast Imflation
I had to share my experience last night.
I'm not sure if anyone has heard of Breast Inflation but it is the use of saline IV's to temporarily inflate the breast.
I had a party to attend and I wanted to wear a very revealing top so only a strapless bra would do, but without assistance from a push up bra I was falling short.
I had heard about this method some time ago so I went on line and bought all the necessary items and decided to give it a try.
I will say that the process does take a long time but the results were incredible.
After getting a mani and pedi I went back home, shaved my legs and got comfortable in bed with a few bottles of water and the TV remote.
I inserted the catheter needles about an inch and a half above my nipples and slightly to the middle of my chest. I connected the catheters to 1000ml dextrose solution IV bags and made sure the fluid was flowing correctly.
After watching some TV and reading a magazine I fell asleep. It’s true, there was no discomfort and I was able to fall asleep.
I woke up about 4 hours later and my chest felt a little tight but the bags were still not completely empty.
Went I sat up and looked in the mirror I could not believe it.
I had grown two beautiful DD breasts. They were big and beautiful and firm.
I could not keep my hands off of them.
I remained in bed for about another hour letting more fluid flow but even though the bags were still not empty I was growing impatient.
I removed the needles, put a small band aid over the hole and jumped in the shower.
Let’s just say it was a long soapy shower.
Afterwards I got dressed, did my makeup and went to the party.
They were a big hit

I cannot wait to do it again, but next time I want to drain the bags dry
Love to see some before and after photos off that!! I like diy and have played around with small injections using diabetes needles but the risk of doing that at home unattended is too great for me...
This is before infusing

Attached Files

And this is after 500cc

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That is amazing but didn't the skin stretching hurt? I'm like Karren, I just can't see myself taking the risk to do this myself.
Interesting photos but I was thinking more along the line of without clothes! lol
Hi Wishin, I think it happens so gradually that you do not feel any pain. It took about 3 hours for 500cc

I want to wait about a week before I do it again but I'll post this pic of me now

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I've been interested in this a long time.
have the supplies but timing has just been off.

I've been on pM since late august and was wondering how my breasts would do with an infusion.

Be very careful with dex, it continues to expand after you shut it off.
You can research a lot on it at newart.com
Here's a link to just one thread there. http://forums.newart.com/phpbb/viewtopic...=9&t=37631
You should join and search up more there are several threads on it there.

it's a body mod site that's mostly about cock and ball vacumn pumping, many guys saline infuse their ball sack getting huge.
One guy there does his balls and breasts. Some women do their vagina lips.

Keeping every thing sanitary its generally safe.

i'm think of doing it tomorrow night since I have a hot date Saturday about noon.

How long did yours last.
You split 1000cc between both breasts?....cause 500cc of dex is like 750 or more plain saline. Some on the site have worked up to 1000cc saline only.
Generally starts use 500cc plain saline each breast,which is what I plan.
Nice pair too! Drove the guys crazy I bet.
Good Morning, i'm at my gurlfriend's house (another cd) and hooked up to a 1000cc bag for each breast. up to 150 each side, feeling firm and growing. Not a bit of pain using 22 gauge cather needles.
I'll keep everyone posted and pic when I reach 500cc.
Going to take it all if I can.
Sweet! Where did you get your catheter needle and saline solution? I was thinking the other day of trying this.... and wondered if you could use a noogle to make ut go faster? Like to help draw the solution into your breasts when they are under negative pressure...

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