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Hair removal devices
I use the flash n go 5000 lamp model wish i had of waited cuz the new model came out with 150,000 flashes called compact same price a week later... It does work I just dont like the shaving part cuz i get these little red bumps on my skins or ingrowns every time I shave my legs and chest
but after 1 time flashing my legs I can say it works as I have patchs of hair not coming back 3 and a bit weeks later... I just cant flash my privates or my back as I cant shave my back and or reach with the flash and go not that flexible... I am hoping a friend will help me out shes kind a squeamish thou...
its wierd did my face like 4 times and I have 0 patchs hair still comes back every 2 days...
I have the original tria IPL and it works extremely well. After 3 sessions easily 80% reduction as long as you use it a 4/5 or 5/5 power. Go slow and let the glass plate cool as it quickly gets very hot. Anything less and it won't kill put sufficient heat at the root to kill it. At 5/5 the 1st time at a new hair follicle you can feel the heat go down the shaft and explode the root... Yes it hurts, especially on a old thick shaft. Each time there after the pain is minimal to non painful after the 2nd to 3rd time,

I have come across a hair regrowth study where it shows if you more then5 hairs in a small area like 1cm squared or something like that, it can actual cause dormant hairs to grow again. So people who laser or IPL need to understand that is why it takes a while because as you kill some you unavoidably cause new ones to grow... But the net result is almost always a reduction so it doesn't matter that you trigger new hairs to go, as long as you keep on it and with 6months you'll be hairless and with a few very fine hairs.
I have been using the flash n' go for over a year, albeit not too religiously, almost entirely on my face.  already I have seen a 50% or so reduction in hair, some patches completely gone.  Note however I have black hair and lightish skin, and use the product in a more intense manor than the instructions reccomend.

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