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My Quest for Perfect Breasts
50-something married genetic male who is on a quest to feminize my male shell. I have used a variety of methods to achieve the female form I desire. I have no illusion that my body will ever resemble Venus de Milo's. My dream is to present as a mature woman with a Rubenesque figure

I started my quest 10 years ago with the flat to fem program with minimal results. After a break I was able to obtain Estradiol which I took intermittently for 2 years with positive results that one would expect. However, since stopping the estrogen, my breasts have remained but my nocturnal erections have returned.

I started simple BO regime on 1 September and plan to main the program for a minimum of 7 months to prove or disprove that there is no going back after 6 months.

I am currently taking 1000 mg of BO per day. I will update my program as I change my dosage.

I love to hear from anyone and everyone about your experiences and would love to share mine, publicly or privately anyone who asks
Hi Dcdee.
Welcome aboard. You look pretty good in your profile pic.
I tried BO for several months then switched to PM. and am currently on detox to get rid of everything and start over with a more sensible plan.
I did notice that with BO I still had morning erections, but once I started PM they stopped. I'll be following your trip and wish you well.
Thanks for the response
How many months were you on BO?
Why did you switch to PM?
What do you call a sensible plan?

So many questions. All er is lead to more questions.

(27-10-2015, 06:21 PM)dcdee Wrote: Thanks for the response
How many months were you on BO?
Why did you switch to PM?
What do you call a sensible plan?

So many questions. All er is lead to more questions.


Hi Dee
When I started I did a shotgun approach, I did natureday ( 4 months), FG, BO (3 months), and then PM (2 months). not at the same time.
I did the natureday until I ran out and had some little bit of success, I was getting a little bit of education on NBE, and started to try FG and BO, then I finally decided to go or the big guns and try PM.
As a result of my shotgun approach I had a LOT of joint pain that I couldn't figure out, so I stopped it all and have been detoxing for about a month. When I pick back up I'll be doing a more straight forward plan, based on some of the plans that have worked for the other girls here.

What other feminizing effects have you experienced while on your various regimes?

I just want my body to be as feminine as possible without SRS

I would not mind living the rest of my life as a woman, although my wife does not want people to think we are a couple of old lesbians. (Whichin some ways we are, sssshhhh)
Hi Dee
I've been into the subliminals and Self Hypnosis things that are all over youtube, such as:
this one is part of CorpusPerfectum. If you subscribe to their channel they have many different meditations to change almost any part of your life.
Do they work??? makes you feel better, and the bust one you can feel the beat in your breasts so it must be doing something.
But like all of this its slow process.
The biggest thing I do is to just thank the power to be for the chance to be me, and ask to get the right help each day.
Oh yeah
works every time
Attitude also helps.
When i first started to overtly cross dress i saw a poster (damn i wish i had a copy of it now) that said dressing is 10% paint and 90% attitude. that is so true. The more feminine your presentation to the world the more the world will accept you as female. I am routinely called ma'am when out shopping, or my wife and I are called ladies (which is a whole other discussion) so I seem to have the presentation part down to an acceptable level.

Now for this discussion, All i need is the BO to kick in and blow my boobs up to the full C cup i desperately want and do something to fill out the seat of my women's jeans
I increased my BO intake to 1500 mg a day a week a go and have not seen any significant changes.

The most frustrating part for me is the return of nocturnal erections. I HATE them. I hate erections in general. I thought BO was supposed to impact your ability to achieve and maintain an erection. The amount of semen is still small but has gotten thicker and white. It used to be thin and clear when i was taking EstroFem.

I want my boy bits small dead and lifeless as much as I want big beautiful breasts.

Any suggestions
Hi Dee,
When I switched to BO I noticed more erections than I usually had. Dont know why but when I switch to PM they stopped dead.
One thing I noticed is that my testicles have shrunk, which makes tucking easier, and looks MUCH better.
Keep the faith, this is not a fast process.
I know process is slow and gradual. GG's take years to get their breasts and they continue to grow and change with the flow of their reproductive cycle. I get that.

My frustration is the backward motion I took when ii shifted from EstroFem to BO. (Big SIGH)

Maybe I should shift to PM. But in doing that before the end of 6 months abandons the purpose of seeing if BO really will shift my system into full time female mode.

Decisions decisions

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