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Piercings or tattoos
OK, piercing history:
- 30ish years ago: went through a phase where I did several ear piercings, didn't keep any in long enough for them to stay. Left nipple which lasted for several years, but wasn't happy with since it was to close to surface.
- 25ish years ago: left ear pierced, still there today.
- 20ish years ago: right ear pierced, this is about the time I first dressed up and went out for the first time.
- 3 years ago: Navel piercing, kept it for about a year, didn't work out so well as it was too long for standard navel jewelry.
- 1 year ago: Both nipples, decided I was happy with these about six months ago so they are staying.

Currently both nipples and both ears are pierced, I did all the piercings myself, usually after coming home from a night out clubbing.

Since I started NBE and now have such sensitive nipples those piercings have been an added pleasure. Big Grin
Two earrings in my left ear, thinking about doing my right one. My one and only tattoo is in the small of my back... Wink
I have had both ears pierced for nearly 20 years tho one is sort of crooked. I went for several years without earrings but they were still pierced when I put earrings in Smile

I had an eyebrow piercing once but it came out fairly quickly :/

I have several tattoos tho a few are icky. On my shoulder is an unfinished cross from when I was in a boys' home as a teen (we got caught) and one is a stooopid tat that was originally my gf's name then turned into Stoner (ugh) when I was 14 and a cross on my finger which also looks like a jail tat but is easily hidden. The others are ... meh .. I like them but some not exactly femme nor really butch either: A biohazard sign (idea given by a gf), Marvin the Martian, A triquetra ala "Charmed". I also have a tribal band on my ankle (that one hurt) and a pair of bound eagle feathers my shoulder. Those last two my departed wife had on her shoulder and ankle as well.

I live in an area where tattoos are quite common (Pacific Northwest) so they don't stand out as much...

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Marvin Martian rocks!
{where's the kaboom!? there was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!}
Scotti, pic?
9 piercings in total, hence the suffix on my forum name - 9R, as in 9 rings. Started with both nips many many years ago, then the pa, about 5 years after that.

In the past 2 years, I've had seconds put in my nips, a double guiche, my navel, and lastly my favourite girlie one, my tongue, last year.

Oh and my ears, but I don't really class them as piercings.

As for tatts, 3 in total - 1 on my left hip, 1 on my right butt cheek, and the most recent on my pubic area. I'd like to get my butt tatt extended to fill up the cheek more, and maybe incorporate a really low back component as well, well out of sight unless I want to show it, lower than the more "regular" lower back tribal tatt you see.
Had my navel pierced in 2002 or 2003 as that was something I could wear 24/7 w/o any issues at work. Am self employed now & really wanting to have my ears pierced.

Side note, the etsy site has been a great place to find hand made navel rings among other things w/o having to sort through piles of things at stores. Here is my current one that I purchased there. https://www.etsy.com/listing/130587170/c...gallery_11
i got my nips pierced in june 2015 (pic with shaved chest) after i had been on herbals for a month or so. started at 14g..now at 8g (pic with hairy chest)..going to 6 next week. have i mentioned i want HUGE nipple rings in my voluptuous man breasts?        
I would't mind getting a cute girly one, on pubic area.
I'm getting my tongue pierced next week.

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