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Male Function-an over view thread
Male Function-an over view thread
Many of us here are aiming too keep male function at least to a workable degree, and I think that a thread should be made to keep this important point in mind or at least kept as a sticky so people can build an overview on methods to keep function,
The reason I think a male function thread is of importance is that there are many indeed that want to persue breast growth but have started and the loss of function frightened them so now they are living lives of torment and angst when they do not need to , also a new comer will be frightened off which misses the point of the forum and indeed a vital component of health function in terms of stability in marriage, relationships and of self.
We live a huge spectrum of motives, capabilities and interests on here, and to say that function cannot be kept is not true,
I have discussed this in depth with many full blown ts and transgenderist folk, this point was brought home squarely when a fully transitioned mtf I communicated with, not only transformed to an attractive woman and could have passed at a drop of a hat, actually chose to live her life presenting as male, even though she could pass as an attractive female, and she keeps function by choice as its important to her. Added to the fact she is not in a relationship so has no outer control boundaries, its been her sole choice to fully transition, remain pre op and actually live life as a man.
This example certainly gives hope for us married or long term relationship girls here.
Now they sex is in the brain, it is and many can bring a quiet member to life by the right porn, reading or even dirty talk or the promise of a surprise, so really we should here be making a comprehensive list of all the supplements and all the methods that can keep out boy toy alive and in one conscise place that can be found easily, ie
Macca, horny goat weed, Viagra , etc,
Also physical methods such as pumps and rings,
If this thread is moved to adult section I will not be pleased ???????????
Also the information on low doses, either spiked or kept low, ie on pm for some
500-1000mg per day with breaks can keep function, and still get growth, many here have done this, the information is there but we have to dig round for it and a new comer to the forum will get scared off well before this info is discover, ie look at the ainterol forum,
Also it may prevent newcomers by starting low with the aim of keeping function , blazing off on high doses and either go off the rails in a pink cloud or have growth so fast they halt.
New comers may as indeed many of us halt anyway but with low ramp doses they can halt with an objective view and reasoning rather than fear.
Eve and Lotus do an amazing job here, and this site is pretty well the best around, and we all have a responsibility, for education and in some circumstances saving lives,
Some people come here and start growing as they cannot face the gatekeeping of the so called experts, many of us here know far more than any of the so called experts, people here are achieving things on this forum that only a few years ago the experts said was not possible or did not exist.
We are proving many people wrong , we are pioneering and breaking ground, we are educating,
I believe if we as a forum can now pull together, and establish this strong thread without it getting derailed many happy marriages can be kept, and many people kept sane, and yes by walking the line help people take things at a slower pace and establish their real identities
So we need comprehensive fixed lists and examples of
Supplements to aid and keep male function, list the experiences
Methods to keep turned on, ie porn , reading etc
Input from significant others, ie their views, some here have allowed husbands to feminize as far as they wish (as long as function is kept) so we need their written views HERE NOW
Examples of reaction times to loss of function and regain of it ,
What can be done, transitioned mtf on full doses still have a healthy sex life in male function ,
Manual and physical methods, ie pumps, rings, etc , think of them all,
Now a common theme here is that many lost function , very quickly, then the libido came and erections came back with a storm, this happened to me , lost in 4 weeks, then came back and peaked 6 months later, the wife kept saying its ridiculous that my libido trebled but it did , but I will never forget when I lost it in the interim start weeks,
How many newbies would have been frightened off ?
Also with the new standards of care, we as fully qualified persons for transition doses ie nearly of all of us here will be able to qualify and indeed DEMAND hormones as we have the 2 main incongruity flags could get full transition doses and off we go to la la land. However many of us could go to the medical system and request HRT to a level where “keeping function is encouraged” , how many do this ? Its not that well known.
So again how many marriages and lives could be saved by a simple open format here by outlining this simple evidential fact.
If I were faced with a black and white choice , ie
Grow breasts and calm myself and lose function totally, I would for the sake of my marriage , simply suffer and take the risks of explosion escalation, depression, t rage, and worse, and that would not be healthy
I wonder how many of us here this is happening too or past members who flirted here for a few weeks then sadly went away.
Now if I understood the risks of losing function, and I could take a controlled view accepting that yes total loss could happen , but most probably not , then it’s a green light, but this in a marriage or long term relationship should be discussed pre programme so the very valuable so/wife input can be established, her views, her fears, etc. Also then with the control data in place the wife or so can monitor progress in physical terms and also the health of marriage state. The massive fear of many wives is that their man is going to flounce off in a dress and have copious sex with men in laybuys, ok this does happen now and and again, but for many a tg partner is the most loyal and bonded there is, so they can use the erections as a marker, and some are quite happy to assist and support a tg partner in their development as long as this marker is maintained ie , male function.
Its also a marker for us, ie in our development we suddenly we find we do not care less whether boy toy lives or dies, then basically its back off time ie, for a break or a dose lowering.
This does not apply to the asexual or ts pure amongst or the ts in denial.
Now for instance in any marriage or relationship the loss of function or ed can happen anyway , some here have started programmes because of this, loss of function, if that happens then that’s a different dynamic and lets face it , ed can happen any time after 40.
The twist here is that your wife/so needs to be comfortable that if it did happen by self meddling then that’s a risk, but then so if life and getting up in the morning. Lets face it and be real she after late 40 can hit menopause and go off sex and even be dry ????????. Relationships are not all about sex and even if function is lost there are plenty of ways to do things, but we all must try to keep things up as best we can.
Now this post sorry for being extensive is written with me in a stoical mind view and at last being able to sit back and write without the heat and frission of wanting to be a GIRL , and as well know here when we are lit up and without these these herbs the thoughts are overwhelming and damn right controlling and obsessive, at last I now can think and get some work done, ooh and remember I have hobbies which actually do not involve growing breasts. I look back now and over the last 4 months not one single waking hour has the buzz or noise or thoughts not been there, its ridiculous and obsessive.
Now just to twist this round here, I am not taking an anti androgen, ie this is how important function is to me, so I run the risk of being tortured by my own growth ie getting turned on by my growth ie my views is that I am a partial agp sufferer or to use the later and perhaps better “crossdreamer or femilphiliac” so am using only pm which acts for a balancing estrogen mimick and and has some anit androgen qualities so that will do for now.
My point on this is really simple , I am taking in the main these herbs for balance and I go to heavy anti androgen us as the “nuclear button” so to speak as almost last option if these thoughts cannot be controlled with pm. So if my gift ? or condition escalates then I will nuke the sex drive and yes will lose function then, and if the thoughts are still there after that the “Houston we have a problem”.
So how much function do we lose ???????????
This again needs to be clear and in an accessible format , so what is it
20%, 50% , 80% how much , come on we need stats , we have potential newbies watching , learning , assimilating,
Also how different is this function , after a few months on estrogen , many of us here can maintain the all important erection, but it certainly feels umm different,
Now with me for instance now on 4 months, it is more active than even before, ie stands and talks etc , but ejaculation is a hair trigger , but then a weird thing happens, it keeps up and wants to keep going, now it never did that before.
So again we need examples and input without getting the threads de-railed, so newcomers can glean info.
We all like to see examples, and this is important and again reinforces the valued resources of this site and others,
W e need role models ie some of us here and I will not mention names as wish this thread to be ongoing but
As he said
I am a Man, I will always present as one, but with a very strong female side, also he has has no loss of function, or size as he did low dose, and took breaks.
There that is my role model, it gives me hope , it gives all here hope, this thinking should be reinforced and on display and not derailed or lost in the ravages of an over flow of information.
Perhaps now, all of us can write and add our views to this thread and hopefully Eve or Lotus or who ever can assemble a data portal or thread where the information can be locked down and kept of posterity and most of all hope

Ps as a foot closure to that,
In 2013 I was corresponding with a ts in Kentucky who shall we say had very female growth, was on full e injections, switched either female or male presentayions as she chose depending on her partners, and she was having full sexual functions DAILY sometimes TWICE, it was really a pardon what did you say moment, pls clarfify that , she emailed back
“honey sex is all in the brain”
Before any body asks when I correspond with any one in our community its for info, as I am a very loyal person and proud to be married to my amazing wife, and indeed so lucky,
So come on mods, lets create a section,

Case closed
Bravo Julie

You have inspired me to look at my relationship with my wife and the world as a whole in a different light. A good bright light with warmth and hope.

This thread should be place on the must read list on the front page of the male seeking breast section.

God bless you

well thank you lets hope the mods see it that way as well

perhaps send them a message in case they dont read it ?

Thank you Julie. This is a very good idea. I've been on PM, 1000 mgs
a day for 3 1/2 weeks and have noticed a lack of interest in sex. I'll
think about it and then just say, "Nah." When I do, it takes a lot longer
and I have to have the right stimuli. I'll stick with the program for now,
cause I can still orgasm. When the time comes that I can't, I will take a
break til I can.
I will share info here as I progress.
Hi Lil mikey

yes indeed that is situ for many

but in the first few weeks the pm really knocks the body about and then stabilises

you will also see the libido plunge on mtf ts , then ramp back hard excuse the pun a few months later, even without any regime change

so you can back off a little now and just let body get used to the onslaught

One thing we should add though is the subject of
infertilty and damaged sperm

Yes many note the semen goes clear, and yes infertility can happen and sometimes never be 100% again,

Also no one should be trying for a baby on this regime as chances of damaged offspring could be high

Sperm needs to be in tip top shape for reproduction,

Mine is super thick and white normally , but was like clear water this morning


and just to cheer us all up
This mtf says and this is on FULL hrt, so we have no excuse.

My experience has been that sex, arousal, masturbation - the whole kitten kaboodle - has gotten better. I'm able to obtain and maintain an erection better now than before HRT. I'm like a freakin unicorn when it comes to that - so YMMV. Arousal takes longer and more foreplay is necessary(even during solo sex!), but it's totally worth it. Everything feels STRONGER now, more vibrant, more satisfying. I think it has to do with my psych matching up with the feedback that I get from my body - I FEEL like a woman now rather just KNOWING for I'm supposed to be feeling, and being disappointed that I don't. I've also found that fantasy and emotion and tenderness and romance and demonstrated affection and mood play larger roles in the necessities for my arousal.

Like many girls have said, you need to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Going into HRT, I accepted that I may lose the ability to gain an erection, and that I would need to find other ways to get myself off. Prostate stimulation seems to be preferred by many transgirls. It's true that the whole area has become more sensitive for me - when I got everything rocking, it's amazing. ^_^

There are alternatives if you lose the ability to maintain an erection - viagra, toys, and strap-ons being some of them. Smile I wish you and your wife the best!
and more hope
another mtf,

I actually have no loss of libido. Erections need more mental stimulation and love making sounds really stimulate me... and the orgasims are way OTT. My endo and therapist continue to be somewhat suprised as I'm on a full dosage. Maybe alot has to do with pre HRT and your libido then? I had a really active sex life before and I was worried about the loss. Guess its different for each of us.
and this from a WIFE of an mtf

Veronica, I am providing a different point of view as the GG spouse of a MTF. My spouse started hormones in January. She spoke with her doctor about her needs and concerns. Some doctors do take the attitude of it being a black and white situation. Some doctors think like some have posted in here that if you want to have breasts but still be able to function it must be for the wrong reasons. But her doctor, like Linda stated, does believe in the rainbow.

My spouse has been in gender therapy counseling for 2 years before starting hormones. She told her doctor that she wants to be able to maintain a sexual relationship with. The doctor put her on a regimen that has resulted in breast growth and still allows her to have an erection. While it does take some work, and as a heterosexual female I do miss the ability to have that certain affect on my spouse simply from a certain look or pose, it works for us. There has been some softening of body hair and slower growth in some areas but not all and her hips have either spread or gotten rounder. It has affected her emotionally. There has also been leg cramps and nipples that are so sore just her shirt rubbing against her makes her cringe.

Yes, my spouse has always felt like she was a female in a male body. However, she has never hated her penis. I have made a lot of sacrafices in staying with her, to include my son and daughter no longer talking to me. Marriage is about compromise, it is about putting someone else's needs above your own. Her choice is because she loves me and she wants me to have happiness too and neither of us wants to lose the other. So her choice has been to live happily today and not concentrate on SRS. We both understand this is not a popular point of view from other's perspectives. As someone else posted, the majority of post-ops end up alone. For her, that is not what will make her happy. Being female is how she feels and how she sees herself. How you see yourself and how you express that is a choice each of us should have the right to make individually.
To me, "fully transitioned" means that a person has also done the SRS. To fully transition, and not go that last step to me is just, excuse the term, "Drag Queen" or a Cross Dresser. So, your choice of terms seem to be in conflict, at least to my way of thinking.

A more appropriate term might be a "Pre Operative"????

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