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& types of boobs
well, this is mostly for GG but.....looks like we experience the same sort of shapes. Very informative from Third Love.


I seem to be an "east-west" gurl. Big Grin

What type are you?
Ha yes I saw that a few weeks ago


must admit I would love some bell shaped ones

I seem to be a somewhere between a side by side and and east / west shape.
My goal would be to have a tear drop shape that passed the pencil test.
If I stay on my full NBE for another year with out a break I may be able to reach that goal. If not, maybe I will throw some pharma into the mix.

I seem to be side set mostly and slightly asymmetric, but it's hard to tell really with how undeveloped I'm stuck at.
Nice guide with informative pictures.

So, I am east-west type. Interesting.

Well, I will see, what will nature give me if I grow larger...
More like Asymmetric - east/west, for me.

Nice guide too. Shy

Very expensive bra's, they do have asome 40A's. The main problem I find with 40a, the cups are too close together . I guess I could always try a 38b?
(05-03-2016, 12:01 AM)polymorphis Wrote: Well, I will see, what will nature give me if I grow larger...

Won't we all...I've been doing 50 massages in the shower trying to push mine more to the middle. Thinking of upping to 75 or even 100

Oh and Janet....yes expensive for sure. Seem very well made and as I understand it good company.

Out of the range for me as a walmart/ebay gurl. I hope sometime this summer to go to a VS and get a real fitting. My CD gurlfriend shops there although she has been consistent with her NBE.
Yes, thanks for the link. I find those sorts of things interesting!Smile

I am East WestBlush
From what I understand from various readings I've done (this was years ago, so I have no idea what websites it would have been) the "east west" is pretty common for genetic males who develop breasts. The term "east west" wasn't used--dunno if that's common nomenclature or simply something that site is using--but the general idea being breasts that point to the side rather than straight ahead.

The sketch they use make them look pretty elegant, though, so maybe it's not a bad thing at all.

(Still, would love to see the tear drop emerge!)
East west here... but I would far and away prefer a round.

Ah well, .. make do with what I have..Smile

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