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Hi everyone, a few of us enjoy the ability to chat freely back and forth instantly with each other. We would love to have more people join and share their experiences, make inquiries, and just enjoy each others company in random conversation. The old rooms I believe are possibly expired. I've started a new room that I'm going to try and maintain. I'm constantly signed in and usually respond if someone says Hi, unless I am asleep or busy at work. All are welcome and I would encourage people to drop in and say hi. Smile

Perhaps we can use this thread to announce times when people will be on for better group gatherings.

IRC information:
Network: TransAdvice.net
Server: TransAdvice.net
Channel: #NBECHAT
Port: 6667

There are various options for clients to use, so pick your poison. I use irccloud because there is an App for it, and they have a webportal for it as well. The free version only allows for 2 server connections, so if you connect to another server just know it caps at 2.

Please register your handle so that no one else can use it.

Join channel:
/join #NBECHAT

Change Handle:
/nick EnterNewName

Register handle:
/msg nickserv register [password] [email]

Identify handle:
/msg nickserv identify [password]

e.g. /msg nickserv register MyPass123 my@email.com

I am in chatroom! come talk with me! Big Grin Tongue
come on peoples.. don't be shy! come on in , the chatroom's fine!
OOPs you missed your chance.. I am off to bed..night all .. squirrely dreams.!
Busy on the farm...

and just as a question.. how does one get on the chat??
(26-05-2016, 02:12 AM)Mickie Wrote: Busy on the farm...

and just as a question.. how does one get on the chat??

you can use Mibbit, Icechat or any other irc program
use the info listed in previous page of thread for the details to connect.

most irc programs are free. i use icechat.
Btw , i am in chatroom , if anyone wants to talk Big Grin
Just missed you. Wifi was not working on the plane. Sad
come on friends.. there are a few of us on

Just joined the v3.00 #NBECHAT, will be logged on 24/7, but it`s UK time only for me, Idealy Friday afternoons GMT Smile

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