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Welp I'm thinking about getting implants..
I'm very sad about making this post. I've always wanted to avoid plastic surgery at all costs. Even though my breasts are definitely bigger I still don't feel they are growing fast enough, and I think they're bigger from me going from 97 pounds to whatever I am now (roughly 116 I think) I'm terrified that if I lose weight, I'll lose my growth and I just want it to be permanent no matter what weight I am. My self confidence has never been lower & I have been feeling very depressed and hopeless. I used to look at some of the before & afters on here and think "that's gonna be me, I can do this!" But as of late, I just think that could never be me. It sounds silly but I think this would really help me get out of this deep depression I've been in. Although the whole idea of getting the surgery does terrify me & I'd be sad about giving up on nbe. I just don't know what to do. If anyone has any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.

I meant to add that I want to get the smallest implants possible bc I don't want it to be obvious. I'm wondering if ibdo that and get silicone implants maybe they will feel natural still?
There are pros and cons on implants, seeing your pic, I would not do it.
I second that (not doing it). There's no guarantee that your actual results (vs expectations) would not make you feel worse.

I've handled my share of breasts (love em) and real always feels better.

Part of being happy in life is enjoying what we have. Why risk what you have going after an expectation that may jeopardize even that?
While I agree with the "no implants" direction, I have to wonder....

(06-07-2016, 12:11 PM)VergeOfDiscovery Wrote: [...]
Part of being happy in life is enjoying what we have. Why risk what you have going after an expectation that may jeopardize even that?

Isn't that what everyone here is doing? Genetic males moreso, but I think we are all risking a bit for a perceived benefit. We're talking about the methods and risks of each, more than avoiding risk. ;-)

I'll reiterate that, given that avi, I don't think implants would be worth it. Maybe bumping up BO or PM and adding some more massage? I haven't looked up your program.
One thing to also consider, exercise and diet manipulation might be the best option. Modulate the insulin to remove fat stores, and once the fat is mobilized (in the blood), spike estrogen and insulin to encourage re-deposit where you want to keep or even gain curves. T-Nation has lots of articles, you just need to scavenge and think "sideways."

It is, of course, your choice. There will be guys who hate fake boobs; there will be guys who love them, too, because the size is most important... Or because they don't care if it's real or fake.
Personally, I like breasts, period, full stop. I Prefer real flesh. I've felt the seems of an implant through someone's skin, it's NOT pretty. And she wasn't large, just "normal." But feeling that hard ridge was a turnoff.
I'd suggest that you ask your SO about their opinions first. And it may not even be questions your SO can answer. I like boobs, and thus bigger is (usually) better. But with the fake boob issue? Natural is a turn on, fake can look good - but it's not what I would like to suckle and play with. Didn't know that until I get that lap dance... ;-)

Because there's a significant difference in terms of level of risk with the surgical approach. The results could actually make the the depressed feelings expressed even worse, and negatively impact what they already have (full c's).
I made a consultation appt bc it's free but now I'm absolutely terrified. I have barely eaten today bc I can't stop stressing about this.

Pom- In that pic I'm wearing a push up bra & a tight tank top to push them up. I want them to appear like that naturally.

VergeOfDiscovery- I am very worried that if I get the surgery I'll hate the result and be even more depressed. The feel of my breasts is important to me & the idea of them feeling really fake terrifies me. I was hoping opting for silicone would help w/ that. I learned today when I called that silicone is significantly more expensive for some reason. That is also upsetting (how expensive this is going to end up being)

Dianna- I'm actually mainly doing this for my bf to be honest (which sounds awful I know) When he sees me again I want him to be amazed by how sexy I look hah. Aftter living together for awhile we started doing the whole long distance thing. I've put on weight since & he can definitely see I'm curvier and since my breasts have grown a cupsize I thought maybe I could sneak some small implants in there & he wouldn't notice? Lol wow, I know that sounds so stupid. Ugh I haven't been sleeping much lately. He did ask me already why my boobs look bigger in pics & i attributed it to birth control and gaining weight. I would never tell him about nbe. That story about you feeling the ridge in that girl's implant made me cringe! That is what scares me. I was also hoping if I had an instant boost it would relieve some of my stress, and allow me to be healthier which could cause my breasts to grow some more naturally. Oh well, I really think it's all just wishful thinking.
If you really want to have a great breast then you should give it a try. But think twice before making your final decision. Not all the plastic surgery procedures are successful. You have to choose an experienced surgeon and also should have a good communication with him/her. You should give an exact idea about what you need. It would be better if you can talk with the previous patients of the surgeon you choose. The experience of each person will be different and you should believe yourself and your surgeon. Good luck with your decision.
I discovered the hard way no woman is satisfied with thier breasts or body. My breasts are too small and lack clevage my tummy too big my butt too small. Saying that I am patient at 50 weeks of NBE.

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