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I wonder if there's something going SERIOUSLY wrong...
The rise in immunizations (I.E., the toxins introduced; the volume of those toxins; the young age of the immunizations? Combination of them?)

Changes in how men and women act and appear? (E.G., take a look at "Life or Debt" - all the women are being assigned the CEO/CFO roles. And to be fair, the men aren't particularly strong men. But that only highlights the issue I'm trying to articulate: Women are to be Strong, Empowered, IN CHARGE, "SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED." And men are to be their help-meets... WTF? Inversion of the "normal" psycho-sexual roles, possibly because masculinity is being demonized? No all-men spaces; lots of womyn-only spaces. Men go out and get in a fight, they're going to be jailed. Women start a fight, the bouncer can't even touch them without risking a prison term. Etc.)

Then there's the "Mouse Utopia" experiment, a repeatable experiment in which mice or rats are given an ideal environment, lots of space, good food, no disease. They grow to a certain point, and then suddenly implode - "cities" form, and "rural" divisions, for example. Some mice go into excessive grooming, some to isolation, there's deviant behavior of homosexuality and cannibalism, for example, and eventually, the mice go extinct... (See Japan for good examples, I don't hear about much here in the US; but Grass-Eaters are becoming a norm here as well. I don't think it's just internet pr0n that is to blame. )

As the old Chinese blessing goes, "May you never live in interesting times." But here we are... :-P

(11-07-2016, 02:52 PM)Patience Wrote: Oh, look, an anti-vaccination idiot.

Well, nothing else you said is going to be intelligent.

You need to reconsider that attitude.
"The experts" are making tons of money now; not long ago (say, the 80s?) they wouldn't touch vaccines with a 10 foot pole: there was no PROFIT in it.
Meantime, Congress passed laws saying the vaccination manufacturers cannot be held liable for injuries from the vaccinations....

Suddenly, everyone has to be vaccinated against everything!
Google the payouts; it's appalling. And it's all coming from the US tax payer.

For comparison: The mercury in my TOOTH FILLING would close a lake. So would a light bulb (CFL, anyone?) And in addition to mercury, there's formaldehyde, and other preservatives and toxins - delivered to the veins, and thus to the BRAINS, of infants.

Turn it on its head: What if we were to inject just the mercury and formaldehyde into the infant's body?
That's child abuse, you see....

Let me guess: you're the type who would hold the gun companies liable for how someone misuses their product.
Would you also hold Ford liable for the actions of the drunk driver?

Do we hold Johnson and Johnson liable for their bad drugs, E.G., risperdal? Why or why not?
I can tell you: Because, when used as directed, it causes major damage to the male children - they grow breasts.
Well, when used as directed, cars don't make you drink, nor have an accident. And guns don't make you a homicidal maniac. Nor for that matter do cigarettes do anything less than advertised (since the advertisements of health benefits were banned back around 1955, give or take.)

When we were growing up, there were about 9 vaccinations you got.
MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella), DPT (Diptheria, Polio, Tetanus), plus boosters.
Now, we've got... (googling) Well, at least 20 by Age 12 Months / 1 year. Including such stupidities as Chicken Pox and Flu - which is all but useless. (Not meaning Influenza isn't serious, but that it's unpredictable which strain will show up any given year - making the vaccine not too effective.)

Tell me, how much heroin is it safe to shoot into your veins? Stupid aggressive question? YES! Because there's really NO safe amount.

So why is it safe to inject KNOWN carcinogens and toxins into an infant's body, but verbotten (forbidden) for ADULTS to decide what they can and cannot inject into that same body?

Same thing for us: We're denied HRT in many cases, deemed mentally ill, subjected to various psychological screenings.... Because we're not "mature" enough to decide for ourselves.

The analogy is, we are CATTLE, to be bred for the Farmer's / Plantation owner's benefit. NOT permitted self-actualization, or even self-ownership.

If that's what you want, go ahead, be a slave.
I choose freedom, and that includes being free of the bought-and-paid for government and their pseudo-science studies. Such as drug tests where, if you have any adverse reactions to the treatment, you're removed from the study pool.

Like asking transsexuals (especially early onset) if they plan to transition, then acting surprised if they say yes.... Selection Bias. They all wanted to transition before they walked in... And you're surprised they'd transition?

We don't know the mechanisms, but we know there are problems. As adults, here, we know the risks: Body changes, mental changes, DVT, death. We gamble, and are usually lucky.
But you want to claim the government (Authority!) says it's OK - therefore it MUST be OK? If I teach a parrot to say, "You can fly!" will you believe it an jump out a window? I mean, after all, the bird is an expert on flying, right?

Got to be careful when dealing with accreditation and "experts." Would you eat a lump of sodium? Or Chlorine? (Note the trick question? Or the next one coming?)
Newsflash: you DO - but they've been reacted together to form... SALT.
Sea salt, BTW, adds potassium into the mix... But still the same basic thing.

But we've got governments who won't let someone tell you you should eat FRUIT without tithing Cesar first (paying a license fee.) Doesn't that tell you something? Especially when you note the fund established by congress to pay out vaccine settlements?

Two and two; you can't find 22? Or, can you see it as 10 and 10? (Binary.)

Maybe it makes sense to be skeptical of those who advance their career by being government lackeys and slaves.

Try to keep an open mind - and go read the actual studies. Then start discounting everything that's been bought and paid for - find independent studies.
And if it's illegal and immoral to allow your child to eat paint chips, but legal and moral to put known toxins in their body....?
I guess you've had ALL your vaccinations, huh? ;-)

there are both success and failure of vaccines.
To be too pro is no different to being too against.
Apologies Diana,

The thread was split as to continue the conversation about " immunization ".
No worries, Lotus.
I said what I thought was necessary, making some guesses, basically. Nothing more to say, really, since I don't have reliable facts and it's off topic, so... :-P

It is interesting that we see more and more transgendered humans, not just because I'd the net, but because there are changes in the world...

There is a lot of truth... How about the newest rage in the states???

HPV vaccinations. They are HIGHLY suggesting it for both pre teen girls and boys! Angry

I would say quit screwing suspected low life's that might have disease's. That is the best prevention against Human Papilloma Virus!

I really don't think the incidence of this particular type of disease has gotten to epidemic size yet.... But, hey, lets make a vaccine for it anyway and fast track it and see how many people we screw up.
(12-07-2016, 04:55 AM)iaboy Wrote: There is a lot of truth... How about the newest rage in the states???

HPV vaccinations. They are HIGHLY suggesting it for both pre teen girls and boys! Angry

Here in Australia the government schools were really pushing this hard a few years ago. When I read the information (supplied by the school) it was an experimental vaccine that was not available on the general market yet!
I Mean WTF, since when do we start using our 100% healthy children for clinical trials?

I have been vaccinated so I am not in the least bit worried about people who are not. What I cant understand is that if vaccinations work; Why are vaccinated people so scared of those who choose not to be vaccinated?

Here in Australia you are not accepted into general society as a healthy human specimen. the Government has made laws that say you are not allowed into the general population unless you have had your immune system medically enhanced.
I find this policy really discriminatory against the human race. I mean can you imagine if they made a law saying you are not allowed to go to school unless you have had your breasts medically enhanced? I understand that it is different, but what it comes down to is the non acceptance of a healthy human being unless medically enhanced.

I think it is a very disturbing precedence for the future of society.

That said I am pro vaccination but.... Minimal and open and voluntary.
Looks like defending science with facts is being frowned upon.

Enjoy your anti-vaxx circle jerk.
(12-07-2016, 10:29 AM)Patience Wrote: Looks like defending science with facts is being frowned upon.

Enjoy your anti-vaxx circle jerk.

I think the scientific term is- 'soggy Saos'


Just sayin
Off topic, inflammatory, flame bait, incongruent with science and just plain old stupidity. Why would this thread not be locked?

Mods/ops - This doesn't belong here, remove it or close the thread.

OP - Educate yourself, your ignorance is seeping out of your keyboard with the same tired excuses that every anti vax proponent has spouted. And they're still wrong.

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