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Soya Milk for Breast Enlargement
[Image: soy-20milk-105996.jpg]

Soya Milk is rich in protein we all know. High in isoflavones, it mimics estrogen and thus indeed helps to increase breast size.
I not sure. This will helpHuh
Wrecks your thyroid and is almost guaranteed to be GE modified. Not a good idea to suggest.
(25-07-2016, 08:26 AM)ellacraig Wrote: Wrecks your thyroid and is almost guaranteed to be GE modified. Not a good idea to suggest.

I totally agree with Ella not a good suggestion...here some additional disadvantages of soy for your health...this is just a short lap of information but there are more far-reaching disadvantages too soy then written here below...it even influences the brain in a negative way.

Soy and disadvantages for your health
Soy is a little full of protein. It contains very few methionine (the only essential sulfur-bearing amino acid).
Soy lowers testosterone levels. Bad news for men.
Soy contains many isoflavones. Isoflavones inhibit the thyroid hormone. Bad news for your vitality and your fat burning so.
Soy irritate the intestine. Saponins and lectins in soy are the culprits. People with sensitive intestines, be warned.
Soy is a bean and can cause unfermented flatulence.
Unfermented soy contains strong protein inhibitors, substances which prevent the absorption of protein. Not good for athletes, children and health in general.
Unfermented soy contains many highly active phytates, substances which prevent the calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc to be absorbed by the body.
Never heard of this helping... Interesting.
everyone on this thread explains a lot of the dangers with soy


it's unfortunate because I saw growth when in-taking soy but it's not worth it, there are other means. Wink

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