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NoogleBerry + PM and Saw Pelmetto
Hello, long story short, I'm an 18 year old male, and I'm not exactly sure where I am on the gender line. I think it's more of a kink thing with crossdressing, but the idea of having small breasts still makes me giddy. I just hope I don't regret any of this in the future, and I hope having small breasts won't affect my daily life too much/how other people see me. I have a few questions though.

1. I'm aiming for breasts like these. http://www.drzubowski.com/sites/default/...k=9A18xL0o


How noticeable would these be without a shirt/bra on? Like, could I still go swimming with my friends, etc? I have some pectoral muscle and I'm a pretty slim dude. My size RN is about a 34 - 36 AA.

Also, would a pushup bra give me cleavage with these? And do I have any room to go bigger?

2. Will the combination of PM, Saw Pelmetto, and the Noogleberry be enough? I don't really think I have lots of testosterone, just enough to let me slowly increase my muscular mass, and give me hairy legs/very slight peach fuzz.

Also, should I consider trying Fenugreek or Nature Daily as well? I heard ND just causes your breasts to grow though, and nothing on nips. I don't want overly perky nipples, but I want sensitive ones.

3. When I stop, will MOST of the breast go away? Or would I be left with saggy moobs?

4. Will the PM change my figure at all? Wider hips, softer skin, etc?

5. How long do you think it would take using the combination of all 3 of these? I'm hoping on a month or two, and I will gradually increase the PM doseage to about 2500 - 3000 a day.

6. Whilst I think it would be cool to have large, sensitive nipples, I mainly only just want sensitive nips. I don't want ones that are too puffy or large, how do I avoid that? I only have a small amount of breast fat and it mainly just shows when sitting/slouching over, and it's very tiny.

EDIT: Any slim dudes out there have any progress pics?

YES, I posted this already in another topic, but I would like as much information as possible and I feel people on this subforum specialize with breast pumps, whereas the others specialize in herbs and stuff.

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