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Weeding Out My Old Bras
I think I have reached CD maturity today, as I went through my extensive bra collection, chucking out those I won't wear anymore, for various reasons.

When I started breast stimulation and bra wearing, I was desperate to find any bra which I might wear.

Now I have resolved my size, support, style and fashion preferences, I am much more particular in my bra purchases.

So I have been through my collection, rejecting those bras which don't fit well, which have lost their elasticity, have gone grey, which don't hold my breast pumps, which flatten my nipples, which have thin cutting shoulder straps. Also those which are frumpy, don't print nicely through a sheer blouse, can't be worn cross-strapped etc.

I have got rid of about 20 bras from a collection of 50.

I am down to 30 bras, help!
Oh my, I thought I was bad with having only 5 bras, and only two of those I actually like to wear.
Only 2 wearable bras! How do you survive!

I need a lot more, because I often have several in the wash and I have been told that you should only wear any bra for about 2 days in 7, as otherwise, the elastic doesn't get a chance to recover.

Then there is the question of styles (balconette, soft cup, underwire, multiway, strapless etc.) followed by colour choice.

It's frowned upon to wear a black bra under a white top, so I need my styles in white, black, nude etc. Plus some flirty ones in pink!

To me this means at least two dozen wearable bras.

I'm now thinking about my suspender belts. I've only got black, white and pink.

I have gone on several buying sprees with my bras. I really need to go through the ones I have and see what still fits right, what I don't wear anymore etc etc. I have just way too many, and no place to keep them all.

So are you planning on replacing some of the ones you have taken out of circulation?
Two new bras arrived today, one black, one white!

I got them on eBay for a song. They are padded balconette style, rather than the plunge bras which I normally wear.

They really push my girls together, much more than my other bras. These could be keepers!

I am now wearing the black one and it provides a perfect support platform for my breast pumps. I have been pumping for an hour and I am BIG! It will be interesting to see how my new bra holds my nipple shields in place overnight.
I haven't weeded out my assortment of bras, but I do have a question. Is there a way to tighten the band of a stretched out or loose bra? Thanks.
(02-08-2016, 04:11 PM)lilmikey Wrote: I haven't weeded out my assortment of bras, but I do have a question. Is there a way to tighten the band of a stretched out or loose bra? Thanks.

Once it's loose on the smallest setting you can count that bra as done.
I'm going to have to go through my assortment again. I've been wearing compression tank tops (the discontinued Moving Comfort Interval Tank) forever because I wasn't filling out my 38B bras very well. (I wear a 38B sometimes with a band extender) This morning I pulled a couple that have come close to fitting in the past. No matter how much I moved things around the first still had too much puckering, which doesn't surprise me with an unlined bra and my girls. The second fits like a champ! Part of it is because it's a thin t-shirt bra as in thin foam cups with shaping, but even then I actually FIT in it. Guess I'll have to start my own thread and take a picture.

Even so, yes time to retry my collection and see how many more now fit as well as how many just need to get trashed or donated.
I have been wearing my new white balconette bra today.

Apart from anything else, I had forgotten just how lovely a pretty snow white bra appears against my body.

I have been wearing it under a sheer top, simply flaunting the sheer crispness of my back band and straps, plus the unexpected cleavage!

As a result I have jettisoned two more old bras: they looked positively dark grey in comparison.

The new bra band is tight, but it fits me so well that I can position my bra straps wide on my shoulders without fear of them dropping. Otherwise I was developing grooves in my shoulders from my old saggy brassieres.

I really feel pert & titty, it's done me a world of good!

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