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PM 1650mg a day? What can I expect?
Not sure if this will work, but here goes.

The first pic is no pumping and where I am starting from.
The second pic is after a good pumping with a homemade dome.

I am looking to get larger breast without losing erections.

How do you think 550mg 3 times a day will do?
Wow! The pumping really works good for You! What is your size before and after pumping? Would look really great if you lost the hair, but I understand that's a personal preference. I'd like to find out more about your home made pumping device.
I can fit in a wacoal 40DD but not fill the tops of the cup.

I used this to make my dome.


Here are some pics of the same bra before and after pumping. I forget the brand but it is a 40FF.

Homemade dome? Must be powered by a jet engine!

That's pretty impressive!
Hi Shannon

First of all, congratulations for your breasts! Seriously impressive. I am curious to see where they will get.

As for the erections, 1600 mg/day of PM will definitely make them harder and lower your desire to have sex. Many even reported a lowered will of growing breasts if that, for them, was a sexual fetish. The good news is that these effects normally disappear within two weeks while the acquired breast tissue is permanent. Other users that pump have reported a faster growth than non-pumpers but you will have to keep taking that dosage of PM for at least a couple of month to see some actual tissue forming.

Keep us posted and good luck.
Thanks for the compliment.

While I enjoy them swollen up after pumping, I do not what them that big l the time. I just want to get them fuller than they are right now.

i do plan on doing at least 6 months of PM and can stop anytime I am reacting too good to the product.
dont agreee , dont agree

I am on 1500mg per day

I am as horny as a goat

Erections still rock hard, want sex all the time and sperm thick and white

The secret is gentle dose adjust ie

do not shock the body

oh and still having breast growth

That's great to hear about the erections.

What kind of growth have you had over how long?

well nothing like yours ?

I am after balance and whatever growth pops along

I would say small A cuo , but very female shaped now at 11 months
very low and slow, just pm

They only look that good after a good pumping and a push up bra always helps.

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