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This will be my last update for the year.
42C I feel good about them but I also feel like I they should be more....
Obviously I want to diet and have a long ways to go but christmas is coming and we all know how much a food italians eat. And if you dont its 8 courses....
They look amazing lov.
That's a nice pair you have!!
(24-12-2016, 02:38 PM)lilmikey Wrote: That's a nice pair you have!!


T minus 2 months till 1 year on BO.
And I have roughly 3 month supply left as of now...
Sadly still no money to proceed any further...

After march It might be time to attempt to speak to a crisis worker at the hospital and go for real HRT since it could be free according to Janet.

Currently C cup.
No changes noticed other then my legs and butt slightly filled out.
Still on a diet.
Currently using apple cider vinegar + lemon juice + water suppose to shrink the stomach..
Current measurements
39 waist
38 over bust
34 under bust

Bra Caculator: For US: Size: 38 inches* Cup: D

Current program:
first week no pills
2nd week 8 BO 2 reshi mushroom
3rd week 10 BO 2 reshi mushroom
4th 233k 12 BO 2 reshi mushroom

Rinse and repeat.

On a diet protien shake in morning ,something good for lunch If snack at work Bannana, Protien shake for dinner.
Workout 60 Squats every day, plus what ever I lift at my job....

Thats how much my face has changed wow...I just wish I could do something about the indent on my chin...
(24-01-2017, 07:52 PM)Nikki9 Wrote: Looking very good in the face. Stay positive and things always have a way of working out!
Huggs, Cassi

Thats how much my face has changed wow...I just wish I could do something about the indent on my chin...

Nikki you are an inspiration!  After reading about your journey and your success with BO, I just placed my first order.  I will start a new thread and post my progress here in the BO section.  I've started taking WP already - trying to suppress my T so when I begin taking BO (later this week) it will be effective.  

I am similar to you - i'm am currently 5'10" and 210 lbs.  I started a diet (new way of eating) this week with the goal of getting down to at least 170 but would be happier if I could get into the 150s.

Any suggestions as to initial dose and schedule on when and how to ramp up?
bad post
(25-01-2017, 01:35 PM)JeanniePA Wrote: bad post

Just make sure you start low even at the first week u can go 1 pill a day just to make sure your body is comfortable with it. Then the next week you can try 2 pills a day. Then I would hold on that for the rest of the month. Then 3 pills a day and hold on that for a month. then 4 pills a day hold on that for a bit the only time you should have to rev up essentially is if you feel your body is not progressing. But always give your body time to get comfortable with the dose.

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