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This will be my last update for the year.
42C I feel good about them but I also feel like I they should be more....
Obviously I want to diet and have a long ways to go but christmas is coming and we all know how much a food italians eat. And if you dont its 8 courses....
They look amazing lov.
That's a nice pair you have!!
(24-12-2016, 02:38 PM)lilmikey Wrote: That's a nice pair you have!!


T minus 2 months till 1 year on BO.
And I have roughly 3 month supply left as of now...
Sadly still no money to proceed any further...

After march It might be time to attempt to speak to a crisis worker at the hospital and go for real HRT since it could be free according to Janet.

Currently C cup.
No changes noticed other then my legs and butt slightly filled out.
Still on a diet.
Currently using apple cider vinegar + lemon juice + water suppose to shrink the stomach..


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