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(13-01-2018, 03:23 PM)Nikki9 Wrote: been a while heres a update

Breasts are bigger hopefully not done. weights down a bit...
Some fat redistribution...

I can see there is changes happening in your face and your body is starting to look more fem
*BIG* Difference. Looks *GREAT*
Stevenator *BIG* Difference. Looks *GREAT*

[b]BeautifulBambi * I can see there is changes happening in your face and your body is starting to look more fem[/b]


My face well Im wearing full makeup but just epilated the day before... But ya today I can see a little change in my face.
Going on a trip north to the Yukon to be reconnected with my mother after 29 years thanks to my father.... cant wait for that in feb.
My breasts have def changed they are Heavy but not completely big like BoobZilla id love for those massive things. But they are growing.
I think the biggest change is in my legs.
Im losing 10% of my muscles in my body every month since may. Ive noticed that huge change as I am forced to lift 40 pounds or more when working and its so freaking heavy can barely get the 40 pounds some times.
My stomach continues to be a mess and problem. After march 7th when I get back from my trip im dieting like crazy again...
I went from 195lbs to 210lbs I think its all in my breasts and butt. I hope so anyways

I get depressed for short spurts every day almost especially at work. Prob cuz customers are mis gendering me.
Actually yesterday I was told I was pretty by one woman. I was kinda shocked. Was wearing foundation blush and eyeshadow only....
I still want to get my face surgery.... working on the cash with bitcoin mining. Thats going decent...
My current measuremeants at 8 months HRT
UnderBust 38
Bust 42
Over Bust 40
Bra size: 42D according to bra caculator
Waist 39
Love handles 44
Butt 44
Hip 42

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