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Hack for Concealing Breast's

Sweet tooth lingerie


On all my favourite polos and tees,  I fabric glued another layer of stiffer cloth in a whole strip where the breasts reside and around the back too.
It looks like it was designed that way and keeps my nipples from showing.

I also experimented with light spritz of acrylic clear coat inside, same as before, the whole strip including the back.
Works too but use on finer fabrics. Coated honeycomb type fabrics = abrasion hell

My less extreme alternative was wearing double breast pocket shirts, but have been repeatedly told to get some "style" Sad

Shit that's a good idea

Love it

Any visual aide puffy?
(30-08-2016, 03:11 PM)Aria Wrote: O.K., Some of you know I went to a therapist for the first time last week.

In the discussion, she told me that if I wanted to "hide" my breast's, all I had to do is buy a pair of pantyhose, cut off the legs, and cut out and enlarge the gusset (crouch) area for my head to slip through.  And put my arms through where the legs should go.  Then adjust where it felt comfortable and such.  Viola! !

No doubt, a few of you already know that, but I thought it was cool how she gave me such a life hack since I told her sometimes I was self conscious when I had to be totally in "Male Mode" and my breast's and nipples were so visible.

Isn't that much the same thing as a really tight fitting sports bra?
you might be able to feel or see the edges of a sports bra through clothing though
(27-11-2016, 09:04 PM)EndlessEden_mn2010 Wrote: Any visual aide puffy?

I'll take some pics when I get to work on another tee.

Also looser clothing exposes more and doesn't benefit from extra thickness since it just sags to your chest shape anyway, get a shirt that fits snug then add this extra layer inside.

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