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Been using Rockmelon ringtone and frequencies. Nipples hurt bad
Hi all! First time poster here, nice to meet you all

My size is 36B (or 34C, bra sizes Dodgy ). I stumbled across this website about a week ago, and since I'm a bit tight on cash at the moment, decided to try the rockmelon ringtone and the frequency videos on Youtube that claim to enhance your bust size

I normally don't believe in this kind of stuff, but decided there was no harm in trying at least, it'd be a fun little experiment. Sapien Med videos 3 times a day, then ringtone 20 times a day. I'm on my 4th day and honestly haven't been measuring, but tonight is the most sore my nipples have ever been in my life! Far surpassing anything I felt in puberty, that's for sure

I understand correlation doesn't equal causation, but I found it strange this is happening right after I started. I felt a tingling during the videos but I assumed that was just me psyching myself out by paying attention to my breasts

My question is, should I stop? Is it possible this is doing something bad to my breasts? Or is it more likely a medical coincidence

Sorry for the long windedness, and thanks for any insight you might have Big Grin
The theory is that that ringtone has elements in it that are taken from a baby's cry. And baby cries do stimulate the "letdown" reflex. This does cause sensations in nipples - painful ones for some women. 

A google search for the words: baby cries breasts hurt 
will turn up some discussion of this. 

So, it seems normal. Now my first reaction was "but if you're a genetic male without much development yet you really have nothing to "let down", so what's going on?" But that Google search does find many reports from women who feel the same thing even when they themselves aren't lactating (i.e. nothing to let down). So I doubt it's harmful.

Whether it will really stimulate production of breast tissue is another question. https://skepticdetective.wordpress.com/2...his-easyi/

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