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Hurricane Matthew
Hurricane Matthew is coming!  Wish us luck!  N.e. Florida!
Best of luck. stay safe! report in when you can when its passed!
Hopefully the strongest stuff stays out on the water, thanks!!
I wish I could invite you over where its safe.  I know an artist in Bermuda a minister in Florida and a coworker in florida.
This is the closest we will be impacted in all the years I've lived here.  There have been many, many hurricanes that have teaveled our coastline, but not this close.  Thi is no business as usual.
Fingers crossed that you pull through the storm.
Thank you. I like your new icon Janet!
Good luck and stay safe.
Are you pulling through ok? How are things over there?
Hello all, I and my property is still here.  We were very lucky to have no damage whatsoever to my home.  It was interesting night trying to sleep with the house shuddering from the gusts.  We were lucky as the storm probably shifted a few more miles east of the projected path which greatly reduced our wind riskdue to us living 10-15 miles inland from the coast.

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