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My Gender Doctor
Well, my first REAL appointment with my new G.D. is this Wednesday morning.  I am sort of nervous knowing that whatever plan he goes with rather it be pills, patches or injections plus the fact that any real estrogen is going to be about 1000x stronger than even PM...... has me nervous about any clashes, unforeseen, with my heart meds.  But, one thing I draw upon is the fact that my surgeon and heart specialist said that the amount of meds is probably very baseline and that many had stronger and more different kinds of meds than I ended up with.  So, I am hopeful that it goes well.  Besides, my new G.D. was one of the 15 doctors that worked on the guidelines for treatment and care of Transgenders.  So, he should know what is what.

I will post back when I find out how and what dosages he is starting me with so as to keep a diary of events.

Thanks all for being there for me.  I really do appreciate it.
I`m So pleased for you! Smile
It`s a wonderful feeling putting all your cards on the table and having the comfort of knowing it`s being taken care of by experts.

Id wish you luck, but really, you wont need it Wink
we are here for you


(12-12-2016, 11:31 AM)julieTG Wrote: we are here for you



Agreed x2
Good luck.. 

A far as guidelines, of its anything like Ontario you will find the guidelines are written for what they feel is a safe HRT amount, and it's not high enough for a transition amount. It will certainly work better than herbs, suprisingly I lost volume at first as the initial estrogen amount was actually lower than my PM amount. It took about 4 months before I started to see gains again.
Well, Janet, with my medical history I am going to assume very low and slow.  I just hope not to the point of discouragement or having to argue to get a higher dose when I feel comfortable.  As I have treated myself with herbs the same way...  A month at a certain dosage, look for and try to feel for improvements then up the dosage..  

I would  expect the same thing.  I have already lost a little growth due to " staying clean " for doctor's test's and not contaminating myself for when/if I got hrt.  It's been almost 3 - 4 months since any active NBE other than an occasional dose of Bi Estro cream to prevent total insanity..    Rolleyes

Thanks ladies for creating a rubber room here so I can bounce off the walls

hugs I hope everything goes well with your appointment. I know it can be a bit nerve racking especially as the appointment draws nearer. Just take a deep breath and relax. Smile
(13-12-2016, 08:59 PM)Sofia Lauren Bunny Wrote: hugs I hope everything goes well with your appointment.  I know it can be a bit nerve racking especially as the appointment draws nearer.  Just take a deep breath and relax.   Smile

I was more thinking about a large glass filled with rum and coke just before bed time....  Heck, forget the coke, just 5 oz. of rum will do....     Tongue Big Grin
O.K. all.  I went to get on meds and formally accepted into the program.

We went over the "Informed Consent" form, he had his nurse draw blood.  He sort of outlined his program in more detail.  1st, he does not order a full hormone panel.  He said even if insurance companies claim to be open to Transgender care, sometimes they fall a little short.  What he looks for is Total Testosterone and Potassium in the system as a better marker, that plus how the patient looks, feels and if there is no medical complications.  He said that many CIS women can spike with E for short durations without worries and a few times men spike when the body is trying to shift from male to female.

So, for Lotus, and a couple of other's.....  you can breath again....   Wink

He said, in his opinion, that finasteride can sometimes not help in MtF Trans folks.  But that it does wonder's for keeping down DHT in FtM Trans.  (protects hair from being shocked and stop growing)  Also, Finn can in some, cause elevated T by working the testicles to produce even more T.  ( I had elevated LH, and my T went from upper 300 to 600's because of that!)  Hence the reason through conversion of T to E and causing Gynecomastia in some males.  (The body is getting false feedback of sorts)

So, here is my new program....

From 50mg of Spiro to 100mg of Spiro.  Estrogen patches at .050mg dose rate per day.  He said that he very rarely starts anyone any higher for the 1st month due to the fact that the shock to a person metabolism and the rest of the endo system can vary so much.  Thus causing side effects more severe or quicker that he would have just ramping up.

So, in 2 months, I go back and have another blood test for Potassium and Free T.  He also said that whatever fullness I might of lost, due to me be off any active estrogenic herbs, should bounce back real quick and that what ever my plan was helped my body to some degree in shifting due to me already having decent sized breasts and some hips.  He said I wouldn't know myself in 6 months and that in 18 months I would look totally different.  But how successful would depend on my determination, sticking to the guidelines and of course.....  genetics.

I am pretty happy, except I have to wait till tomorrow for my patches as they were not in stock at my pharmacy..... Angry
Wonderful news

So how will the man card stack with that statement

You will not know yourself ?


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