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My Gender Doctor
Thank you Lotus.  I just want to look like I should be a female when the mood strikes me.  If I have just half the success you've had...  I will feel blessed!
America's Best Ass Clown! ! 
In one of my later posts, I told everyone about getting a simple freeware program to track physical changes.  I have the first ones I did when I started HRT and the ones I did today.


Chest     42.5
Bust       48.5
Rib Cage     40.5
Waist     40.5
Hips       42.5
Rear      42.5
Left Thigh at biggest point.     22.5
Weight     196


Chest     43
Bust       49
Waist     40
Hips       43.5
Rear       41.8
L. Thigh     23
Weight     192.2

So, not sure but I am figureing some of the differences is in mistakes on measuring.  (not exactly on the right spot, tape measure slack etc. )  But, I think it's real close.

My take away is I have dropped close to 4 lbs just cutting back a little.  My bust feels a little fuller and my wife has made comments..... And I know my hips has improved.  So, overall pretty happy so far.

I will post new pics today in my HRT progress thread.

Later all.
America's Best Ass Clown! ! 
Thank you Aria for the update!

I think that the probability that recorded changes are caused by measurement mistake is really low. At least that 1 inch increase in hips would be too big for a mistake especially if we consider that you are actually loosing weight.

So... congratulations! You are on your way!

I am looking forward the pictures.



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