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My Gender Doctor
As promised, my lab results!!!

Now read carefully, it's teribly interesting stuff....   ROFL Big Grin

Estrogen:     110
Testosterone:      45
Prolactin:     12

The other lab results would be boring to everyone , except me...   Potassium, Sodium, etc, ect.

He does not want to increase anything quite yet due to my medical history, age, etc !!     Sad Angry  His way of thinking is that I asm right at the level of a CIS woman, my age....  I think I will Biaotch slap him the next time I see him.....  He should know better than to talk about a ladies age that way!!! Smile

I told him, that I really don't feel like I have made a lot of progress in the last 6 months.  He asked me to set another appointment up in 60 days, and if I still felt that way, we could explore maybe going a little higher on E at that point.  Oh Well!!
O.K. all.   When I first went looking for a GD (Gender Doctor) closer to me than Iowa City....  I attended about 3 LGBTQ support group meetings.  There was 2 people, places that often came up in the discussions....

Yes, State of Iowa University Clinics in Iowa City, Iowa....  which is about 2.25hrs drive from my city.  Now, in the summertime, it's a beautiful drive.  But in winter on I-80, it can be very treacherous.  And if you miss your appointment at the LGBTQ Clinic, it can be 5 months before you get another!!   Not cool !

So, yes..  Like most I was hopeful to find a qualified doctor just a wee bit closer to home.  

Dr. Joseph Freund was the 2nd name that always came up.  And not just always secondly either.  Everyone that knew of him had nothing but glowing reports and a sincere affection for this Doctor.  So, I did some looking around...  You know, asked my GP, Google, Bing and Iowa Care One.

Other than finding out he taught at Des Moines University of Medicine, he was also a Doctor on the board of one of our best local hospitals!!   Then I found this article.....https://acpinternist.org/archives/2013/01/GLBT.htm  .  Many told me he was very active in many organizations that dealt with LGBTQ community...  But, I also found out that he was one of the founding advisors for putting together care and medical standards for LGBTQ conference!  

What a jewel I found, and he practices just 2 miles from where I live!!!

So, have heart.  Ask questions, join your local LGBTQ organization, even just for a few months...  Look around, ask questions and do your research.  You may find a Gem and a Jewel that's been hidden from your view as well..

I hope this helps a lot of our New Friends here on BN.

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