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Heyo! ex-transfemale guy
Long time stalker of these BreastNexus, finally joined but was redirected here (meh). Never used NBE before though.

I am male but started transitioning at 19, was passable and living as a girl by 23.
But for many reasons I decided it wasn't what I really wanted so I stopped the hormones and went back to living as a guy by 25y/o.
Not exactly full-on male, but I like my feminine looks but with the advantageous of living as a man (greedy yes)
My doctor said I probably have gynephilia and berated me over and over; when I started he did ask if I was sure it wasn't just gynephilia or something like that [Image: tongue.gif]

26 now, not much has reverted over the last year. Except for body hair and some muscle mass which is largely due to me working as an engineer now.
I would post pictures but I went protocol zero on most of my female photos, pretty sure there's some left.
All in due time...

I like the way I am now except for 2 things.

My left breast is a large A cup but right breast is a small B cup, also my left nipple and areola are less developed.
I just want to even them out.
And then maybe go up a cup or two,  tits are AWESOME.

Been using a suction device on my left nipple. It has increased my areola size ever so slightly but its not the same.
My right areola is puffy and meaty, but the left is just meh.
Also sometimes when I leave it on too long i.e. fall asleep and forget to remove.
I get blood blisters, which thankfully don't scar. But no more suckers for me until I get a schedule where I can apply them in the daytime.

We in Asia have many medicated oils, with menthol and camphor, eucalyptus oil etc.

They feel warm and tingly due to slight irritation of skin when applied.

Read somewhere on a bodymod forums that these skin irritants can help nipple expansion. Not too sure about that but worth a try.

If anything the tingling feels oddly satisfying.
Been applying for a week, if anything, my areola are now shiny and healthy looking.
Welcome to the forum ... I'm sure you will have lots to contribute to the discussions.
I like the way I am now ...tits are AWESOME
That is awesome! Smile

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