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I think I`m going All-the-way!
My Wife`s not quite ready for this yet, I suppose because it`s a more Public thing than anything else, but I`v ordered and awaiting my legal Name and Title change documents, they only need to  be signed dated and whitnessed and I`m Offcially:  Ms Katherine Alicia (Last name).
no longer legaly `Him`, it`ll be my Dead Name Smile
Personally I want the papers signed as soon as they get here (probably Monday), my wofe wants to wait a bit, I can`t see the logic behind waiting if it`s an inevitability anyway?
so I think I`ll compromise and get them signed ASAP but not start changing things until she`s ready, I`m pretty sure I can do that legaly?

well  anyway, as soon as they`re done my RLE (Real Life Experience) counter starts, so when I do finally get into a Gender Clinic I`ll not have to do my whole year RLE, and more or less go directly onto the GRS waiting list Smile
I figure the More I can get done for myself, the better (and less costly to my sanity!)

I`m just So excited about this!!!!!

This Girl`s going all the way!
Congratulations!  Do give your wife time to catch her breath- their support is so very rare, and we generally have been coming to terms with this over a much longer period than they have. I am so happy for you!  Jumped the fence and off like a race horse!
I'm so happy for you Hon.
But as stated, please do not rush this. It sounds like your wife needs time to catch up with you. The last thing you need is to make her bitter, you will need her support in the months to come, and you have the rest of your life to live as the real genuine you.. Give her another few weeks to get used to the idea.
Thanks so much Smile

After a talk with my wife last night, I`v decided that I`m not going to have the papers signed until She tells me that it`s OK, but She has until my 50`th Birthday (May next year) at which point I will have to do it regardless (50 years is enough already!), She`s happy with that now Smile
She made a good point, that although she Is willing and happy to stand by me through this journey, some things will take some time to adjust to the idea first, and me bringing these events that we`ve discussed Forwards all the while isn`t giving her time to adjust mentally, I think it`s a fair point.

I think that when you absolutely Know that your Trans* and that your Brain (and Heart) really IS that of a different gender than your assigned one, there`s a real sense of urgency (esp for us older Trans* folks), and that can lead to other feeling like they`re being left in the dust as you race ahead to correct this mistake.

it needs a lot of understanding on Both sides, Yes it`s very frustrating Knowing that you`re "trapped" in the wrong body like some kind of Freaky Friday body-swap nightmare, and it does make you want to go crazy and shout Why Isn`t anythjing being done about this! it`s a REAL Thing! this should be headline news!!!
and for whatever reason it`s just hidden, and very few Do actually understand what it`s like, so it`ll take them time to catch up with us.

so yeah, Frustrating but understandable Smile
In the end though...you ARE the one that will be the ultimate decider on whether you lived your life or not when you are on your death bed.  No one else can decide that for yourself.  It's your life and you have to own it.  Making others happy to fulfill thier needs....and ONLY theirs seem a little selfish on the other hand too.  I understand when you marry a person or enter into a relationship that you agree to certain things.  However, life in general is always changing..so are people.   Being locked up because of that never made sense to me anyways.  Idk..I'm going through divorce myself and being trapped to keep someone happy is not a good feeling. It's changes you and causes you to be the most unhappy person in the world.  It was for me.  Setting myself free was how I started seeing happiness. Albeit, I chose the most responsible route by making  sure I took care of my part of the responsibilites and just didn't bail and ran away.  It's always hard in relationships to find that middle ground in something like that.  I agree with everyone else though..she'll need time and I hope it all works out for the better.
I am glad you have decided to go a little slower, and give your wife time to catch up and embrace the changes your going through.
I have said this in other posts, but I think its always worth reading again, don't just think about how far you have to go, keep in mind how far you have traveled already.

I am a little older than you, but likewise I also feel impatient. I just keep telling my self, " by this time next year - I will be me ". Although I have a few things holding me back, family and employment. I may never actually get to be me until I retire, but that's something I will have to live with, unless I want to loose my wife.
it`s Done!

I`m now Officially Ms. Katherine Alicia (Last name).
this morning I woke up a Mister, tonight I`ll go to bed as a Ms!

My wife didn`t think she`de Ever be ready to give me the go-ahead, and told me just to do it because I need to.
I didn`t waste any time Smile

So as of today at 16:20 I`m no longer "Mister" anything! and a half century old mistake has now been corrected, it hasnn`t sunk in properly yet, and I`m sure I`ll be in for all sort of Super strange problems and challenges now, some probably too odd for me to even imagine, but it`ll be fun and I`m totally up for it!

I`ll try take a picture of my certficate(s) tomorrow when I can figure out a way to do the redacting of sensitive info.

until then I`m going to find a photo frame for one of them and sleep Really Well tonight Smile
Well, Congrats to then Katie!  Glad your wife is along for the ride.  I hope everything continues great for ya. Big Grin
Oh my word Katie, I'm so happy for you!
Great news .. I'm so happy for you ( ok, maybe a little jealous too  Tongue )

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