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Best types of exercise
What types of exercise work best for feminising the body shape or losing weight?
Let's share!

Skateboard: I used to skateboard and it gives a great workout, skaters are all slim, but too much potential for scarring so I stopped that ages ago.

Badminton: Not as high intensity as people think/claim, I do it every 2 months. Just for social reasons.

Cycling: I hate the feeling of riding a bike, never kept to it long enough for any noticeable effects

Inline skating: This I do often now, I like slalom skating and it gives a nice lower body and trunk intensive workout. Have noticed slimmer calves too. When you start you'll notice a lot of pain at your calves, many new muscles being used. Probably helps tone the calves a lot.

I don't gym or do pure exercises, because those are incredibly boring and I can never keep to it.
Re: What types of exercise work best for feminizing the body shape or losing weight?

For a lot of quick ideas you can quickly see for inspiration, type: exercises for women into Google and click the Images link.

Also, Tumblr has a lot of user created sites that focus on eating clean and getting fit, many with a female focus. Some of these can be very inspiring, even seeing all the healthy, clean food options and ideas.
If you think of it in terms of weight lifting think less weight, more reps.

More aerobic less anaerobic. If you're going for exercises think abs on down, but don't completely skip arms, shoulders back, just less weight and more reps. Go for tone not mass.

Focusing on gluts, thighs & quads will help create some great calorie burning muscle mass too.

a strong/toned core will help pretty much everything.
I'm no expert,  but from what I've read, I'don't agree with the lower weight with more reps approach.

If you want to increase the amount of HGH produced from lifting, then - from what I've read - you should be doing heavier weight especially with the larger muscle groups.  Thus I'd suggest that you go heavy (while being safe) in doing squats and deadlifts, and in pullups and the benchpress.  I mention these exercises due to the large amount of muscle tissue recruited, and since they target areas that are important to most people.   Now if you have joint problems, going heavy will probably not be a good idea, so as they say - buyer beware.

If your testosterone is low...then you will not have to worry about bulking up.  It will not happen with low testosterone regardless of how heavy you lift.  The only way that female bodybuilders get big is if they use steriods or if their bodies create close to male levels of testosterone.

I mention the HGH angle since it seems to play a role in breast development, and tends to fall off as we grow older.  For example, as an adult. we don't have near the amount of HGH as a person in puberty.

Types of exercise really depends where you are now, where you want to be, your body type, metabolism, hormone levels, etc.  What direction do you need to go in order to feminize your body?

If you are heavier, you may want to preserve certain curves while toning out other areas.  If you are thinner, you may want to build mass in certain areas while preserving tone elsewhere.  Some people sweat bullets trying to bulk up while others merely glance at some dumbbells and turn into the Hulk (or She-Hulk).

Good guideline: if you're building, 7-12 reps.  If you're toning, 15-20 with cardio.

For body shaping outside of the gym:  ice skating and dancing can have a positive effect for toning and some hip/glute development.  Cycling works for quite a few others as well but not for me, as my quads tend to take over most compound exercises.  Because of this, I find the gym works best for me.


I like to use the stair-climber in a similar fashion as this link describes using a treadmill.  I walk on an imaginary runway line while slightly exaggerating hip movement and flexing/focusing glutes.

I like to switch between barbell squats and incline leg press while alternating stances.  My favorite exercises are curtsy lunges and the hip abduction machine with resistance bands.

FitnessBlender has a few good routines here, here, and over here.  But it's hard to go wrong with squats, lunges, dirty dawgs, and donkey kicks.  A couple more suggestions from T-nation and Bret Contraras.


For my core, I do different exercises taken from FitnessBlender's Hourglass workout and P90X Ab Ripper.  I generally design a circuit with exercises that target each core area (upper, middle, lower, obliques/sides) once and repeat.  Usually modified crunches (elbows to hips not knees), modified knee tucks/v ups (back & legs 1" off floor, bring knees & elbows together), leg raises, and Russian twists, repeat.  Vacuum poses can be a beneficial addition to help work toward a more "wasp waist" shape.
In a new place and have a treadmill which I'm using at least once every day. Hoping it helps thin out some trouble spots. Also discovered a very nice walking path and bridge to a funkier part of town (on the downside, there's also lots of tempting restaurants and happy hours too lol) for some good long walks.
in my opinion walking and swimming are the best full body exercises.  As far as my understanding of anatomy goes we were primarily designed to cover distance in these two ways, and they activate nearly all muscles together without being too intense.  they will result in compact muscles and a toned appearance as opposed to big bulky bodybuilderish muscles
(08-04-2017, 03:39 PM)VergeOfDiscovery Wrote: In a new place and have a treadmill which I'm using at least once every day. Hoping it helps thin out some trouble spots. Also discovered a very nice walking path and bridge to a funkier part of town (on the downside, there's also lots of tempting restaurants and happy hours too lol) for some good long walks.

The solution to this is to do your walks first thing in the morning.
No food first, you just want to mobilize the fat stores.
And no happy hour. ;-)

I also have to note, calisthenics is looking better and better for feminine body development. I like steel myself, but there are YouTube videos for "strength wars," I believe it's called, and they regularly pit a powerlifter or bodybuilder against someone who uses calisthenics or similar bodyweight training. The lifters always win...  And look like they should, too. Twice the size often...
But if the test was doing dragon flags or bodyweight squats for volume? They'd likely lose. ;-)

Beyond that, I've always been partial to martial arts. Looked into wing Chun recently to help the young girl get her qct together...  I like the art, and that it was developed by a woman. Although my attitude is more krav maga...  ;-)

Tai chi, wing Chun, dance, swimming, inline skating, biking, these are the things that are always mentioned. Weights are secondary, and you can usually accomplish similar with volume training, i.e., do 500 bodyweight squats instead of heavy squats with weights, get the mass (ass) you want. ;-)

I don't know if the volume will make HGH increase, though. Have weights will.


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