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A lot can happen in a day
Wow, last Friday so many things happened, I can't believe everything just hit at once!

Early Friday morning I was contacted by someone from the local support center.  They did an informal interview with me regarding a volunteer position I was interested in.  We chatted back and forth and they seemed pretty pleased with my experience and they believe I would be a pretty good fit.  Big Grin  The position is mostly dealing with helping to maintain the social media aspect of the center.  It still needs to go through the board but I was very excited at the prospect of being able to help out.  Smile

In the afternoon I had my first appointment with my therapist.  I have no idea how I was able to get so much information about me in the span of an hour, but somehow I did.  I talked about my childhood, marriage, work, where I am at and things of that nature.  One of the things that I have noticed about myself is that I have been really happy, happier than I have been in quite some time.  I did make mention of that to my therapist.  We talked about my current relationship status and how that was going and a whole lot of things.  She did inquire if I was on hormones, and I told her that I was.  She was not too happy that I was self medicating and urged me to see a doctor to be properly monitored.  She recommended a doctor to me that specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  Our time was soon up and she wanted to see me back as soon as possible. I have a followup session later today.

After my appointment it was time to go and get my kiddos.  Afterwards I called the facility to see about scheduling an appointment with the specialist.  Unfortunately they were closed for the holidays and will not resume business until the beginning of January.  I am not sure how busy this doctor is, so who knows how long it will actually be before I see them when they do open back up.  I wonder what my therapist is going to say about that, I know she seemed a bit concerned that I was not being monitored.

End of the day I attended a Fitness orientation.  Their program seems pretty interesting, they provide the nutritional meal plans for the duration of the program as well as access to their scheduled workout sessions.  The workouts are 30 minutes of intense fast paced exercises.  Seeing how my regular doctor thinks I need to lose a bit more weight, and exercise more due to my elevated triglycerides, I figure this kills two birds with one stone right?  Well, I went ahead and signed up for the class.  I can tell you today after my first session, my legs feel like jello and with all the water I have been drinking I am making several stops to tinkle.  This is going to be a long six weeks.   Dodgy

Again, it was just a very odd day on Friday because everything just seemed to click into place and happen very quickly.  It would be nice if other things clicked as nicely, unfortunately, that's just one of those things that's going to take time.   Dodgy
Very good Bunny,
Sounds like your off to a great start!
Hope your "other things" get worked out as well.
Sound's like things are moving forward. 
Its a pain that you have to wait till January, before you get a chance to see the specialist.
Wonderful Sofia!  Glad so many things are clicking into place for you. 
Now, if those "other" things can just fall into place Huh
beep beep beep beep beep  Latest update!! I talked to my therapist again yesterday and it went well. We spent a lot of time talking about my childhood.  Definitely gave me a lot to think about.  We also talked about what I hoped to gain out of attending these sessions.  I told her that I wanted a better understanding of me of where I am now, and what that could mean to my future.  I have another appointment next week.

I also mentioned to her that the Dr. she recommended to me was closed till January.  She said that didn't sound right, and perhaps they are just getting ready for the Holidays.  Sure enough, I called back after my appointment with my therapist, and now I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow afternoon!  

Things also seem to be progressing well with joining the local center here to help out there!  So I am super excited.  I am currently working on helping them setup for internet access, and some other things here and there.  I like being able to help where I can because I really want to see that center thrive.  

Ha ha ha, when it rains it pours?   Big Grin

Re Bobbi - Thank you Bobbi!!  Yes, things do seem to be going well, how I wish everything was going as smoothly, but unfortunately things are still rather rough at the home front.   Sad

Re Jannet - Yes Jannet, things really are moving along now.  Smile

Re Allyson - Thank you Allyson!!!  It's nice when things seem to fall into place isn't it?  Smile  As for my spouse, time, like everyone keeps telling me, it's going to take time.    Dodgy
Glad for you Sofia.  For me, I STILL have a week and a day before my GD visit....  Just for that......  Here's a curse..  I hope your boobs sprout as big as Dolly Parton, and your rear gets as big as Beyonce's....  There, see what you made me do....   Tongue Big Grin
Ha ha ha, very funny Aria, why does everyone seem to want me to have large breasts!  Though, first time someone's mentioned a bigger butt.  LOL

Well, that escalated quickly!  I met with the hormone specialist doctor.  Apparently she does work with TG individuals.  She had a lot of questions for me basically trying to see if I understood the ramifications of the process I was going through.  Afterwards she reviewed my Lab results and said that my hormone levels were looking okay.  She also said that I needed to bump up my Estrogen levels and that the pills are a slow process of getting there.  She prescribed to me Estradiol injections.  I am now moving off of estrogen pills to estrogen shots.  I will be self administering weekly injections.  I've never given myself injections, so that should be very interesting.  The other thing she noted were my fin and spiro.  She cut my fin dosage in half, and doubled my spiro dosage.  She said the increase of spiro should help clear up the facial hair..

When I got my prescription, I called my insurance to see if it would be covered.  After a few minutes they said that it shouldn't be any problem.  I took my prescription to my local pharmacy and they said it should be ready later that evening.  I went later on and unfortunately it was not in stock.  They told me that they would order it today and it should be in tomorrow afternoon.  The next day after work, I went by and unfortunately it did not come in.  They checked to see if any of the other pharmacies had it in stock and unfortunately they didn't.  The pharmacist assured me that they would place a separate order and it would be in by tomorrow afternoon.  This time I decided to call to see if my prescription was ready.  I was super excited when I heard that it was ready!!!  Then I heard the amount owed, and that was not what my insurance had said it was going to be.  So I called the pharmacy again.  I waited for an eternity for someone to answer.  Once I got a hold of someone, they checked and said that it had been rejected.  They tried it again, and still the same thing.  They asked me if they would like me to contact the insurance to see what was going on, and I said yes.  They called me back later and told me that under my plan that injectables were not covered.  If it was being done at a hospital or a clinic then that would be different and it would be covered since that goes against my medical and not my prescription.  Unfortunately it would cost more to go to a hospital or clinic weekly than it does for a monthly dosage.  I went and picked them up and tomorrow ... Big Grin  Yes, I am super excited!!!
Way to go sofia! Makin leaps and bounds!

I hope the injections go smoothly. Keep us updated!
But you know what Sofia.....   That's NOT true with Insulin.  WTH is the difference?  I mean, the only thing I can reason is that someone could get slap happy and overdose more easily with hormones thinking, " more is better"?  Where as with insulin, they know it can cause a coma if too much.

I assume, from the initial chat with my GD, that he is going to go "Low and slow".  So, I would be terribly surprised if he offered injections for me.  I am more to thinking it will be patches.  But hey, it beats the hell out of "over the counter" E cream.  Besides....  I don't know if I would have the guts to self inject.  I HATE needles! ! Huh
re Eden - Thank you! Of course I'll keep everyone updated.

re Aria - I hate needles too, ugh, I got queasy earlier thinking about what I have to do. Then looking at videos online kind of made it worse. I think my doctor prescribed to me what she did because of my current levels and because of what I was already taking. I wouldn't think she'd toss anyone into the deep end that quickly. I kind of feel like I cheated a little bit. Dodgy

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