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Hypnotic Feminization & Samsung Gear VR
Hypnotic Feminization & Samsung Gear VR

I recently replaced a phone and now have one that supports this device and decided to give this a try.

Now games and such on the device are good fun, but one thing some of you might be interested in (if your into hypnotic feminization and sexualization) is the theater mode on this thing. Basically, it presents videos (including ones you've downloaded, taken, or created) on a GIANT screen...kind of like the original IMAX theaters. You have a choice of a few 3D theaters where you can look around and see seats around you, or one called The VOID. The VOID presents only the screen, and it is the one option where you can watch the videos and movies lying down, face up.

I've tried some of the best hypnotic feminization and sexualization videos I've ever come across (or mashed together myself) using this set up and the experience is incredible.

The device itself is only about $100 on Amazon, but you have to have one of the newer Samsung phones to use it. If you have one or are getting one and you're interested in this sort of thing (like I am), you definitely have to check it out.

One caveat is that there is some noticeable pixelization on any of these devices (including the best of breed Oculus & HTC Vive), but with decent video files, it's quite impressive. Also not that this newer model (pictured) has a greater field of view than prior (white body) models.

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