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Weight gain

I have been trying NBE for about 6 months. I have been faithful in taking fenugreek and sp. I have recently tried adding in RC. Ive been taking one per day (400mg I think) for about 1 week so far.

I tend to be pretty sensitive to this stuff. I tried PM in the past but struggled with even 1 capsule per day with extreme fatigue.

I have always had low T since my early 20's.

My main concern right now is wanting to lose weight and not gain weight. From what I understand, for a male with low T, it can be hard to lose weight. I am curious as to how the body and metabolism will change once estrogen is the higher of the two levels. Right now I feel like my body is adjusting to the increasing estrogen and probably has similar e and t levels. Is weight loss and toning my body possible with higher E levels? Will this be more possible if I lower the T to be predominantly E based?
I would think that males normally burn off higher amount of calories due to muscle mass. Once you loose your "T", your going to loose that extra muscle, and and be burning off much less calories.

You best start watching your intake, or working out much harder

Figure NBE adds 500-1000 calories per day based on a standard NBE plan (PM/anti-androgens/healthy fats, etc). 

HRT-adds 750-1200 calories per day on a 4-6mg of E2+AA's 

Of course this is unscientific, however seeing how estrogen stimulates hunger the above estimates can be expected as increased consumption of food.

So.....you'd better plan on burning at the very minimum 500 cal. per day converting that extra calories into energy used towards breast growth and feminization.
Thanks for the great feedback! I will be sure to keep a log of my weight and RC dosage to track and see how it goes.
500-1k, eh? Hrmph :-/
(22-12-2016, 10:45 PM)Learning Wrote: Thanks for the great feedback! I will be sure to keep a log of my weight and RC dosage to track and see how it goes.

Super, good luck.  Smile

(22-12-2016, 10:50 PM)Stevenator Wrote: 500-1k, eh? Hrmph :-/

A fast metabolism won't see as many calories, a sedentary lifestyle will see weight go to the usual places. Boobs won't grow that much without some new weight (fat). How many pounds goes into increasing 1 cup size?....ok duh...I'll say 1 pound. Or....how much volume (cc's) is 16 ounces in breasts?, and... how many calories does it take to increase 1 cup size?. I remember seeing some information someone put together somewhere lol, I'll check around.  Shy Oh hell, just drink 1 beer a day. (kidding)  Rolleyes

Update: 1 pound = 454.5 cc (approx.)

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