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Body Hair Removal
Tax return will be coming soon.... Can't wait! I'll definitely be ordering an epilator soon after!
So......I spent the better part of 2 hours learning how to use the Epilator  (Phillips model Satinelle).I did from my panty line up to the bottom of my neck, not including the armpits.
Ok it does hurt a bit, but surprisingly my stomach hurt more than my boobs. I am impressed with the Phillips, as it is a wet/dry rechargable unit and it lasted thru my entire session on the initial charge. Smile
As I was shaving every 4 days or so it will be a good experiment to see how long I have to do this again. Maybe next time I'll have enough courage in me to attempt the pits, and start working down below the panty line......
I have used many razors and I decided to total shave myself using a cheap 12 pack of pink razors and mainly shave cream and a bucket of water.  Then when I have a treat I run the water.

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