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5 Month Comparison/ NBE with E
I thought I would share what a difference time makes. I took the ones on the right this weekend and was comparing them to ones from the left 5 months ago. The last few weeks I have seen some big aureola changes, as well as the nipples getting beefier the last month. Notice on the left photo, I have very little if any aureola, where on the right the skin is winkling around the nipple majorly now. It may look like one breast is bigger than the other in the pic, but that's from holding the camera. Their pretty close to the same size. This is using mostly NBE with estradiol tabs.

I made the mistake last night of taking off my TShirt in front of the wife and she gasps, "Oh my", at the size of my nipples, though she knew my breasts were growing. I laughed and I told her they were always big. She commented she had never seen them "cold", it's cool here right now. I am seeing new growth at the rear of the nipple for sure. I was using a Noggleberry as well, but haven't used it in a week. I have cut way back on the NBE's now, since I'm now doing E injections with tabs. I still use PM breast creams, Fenugreek 3 caps, phytoestrogen 3 caps. But I let the E have dominance on when I use them. I take my tabs at night when my body slows down to let it work longer during the night and the use the NBE's in the morning, letting them taper off thru the evening until night again. But I'm not using the NBE's at the same level, since I have introduced real E injectables combined with my  E Tabs, since I don't want the NBE's to occupy the E receptors all the time. This is really about balancing levels.

Previous Regime
8 mg Estrofem Tabs
7 grams of Fenugreek (started trying to lactate imo)
5 PhytoEstrogen caps
6 BO caps (1500mg)
Bella PM Breast Cream X3 daily
Estrogyn PM Breast Cream X3 daily  

Current Regime
10 mg/ 1 mil Estrodial Valerate weekly (inj)
6 mg Estrofem Tab daily at night
3 PhytoEstrogen Caps daily morning
3 FenuGreek Caps daily morning (3.5 grams)
Bella Breast Cream X2 daily before noon
Estrogyn Breast Cream X2 before noon
(0) BO (DC'd after 5 months usage)

I highly suspect BO is the reason I went from having no aureola, to them developing like they have. I suspect it has some progesterone in it as well. I have also been monitoring my testes and mr winkie thruout this. My libido has plummeted for sure, more like fallen off the cliff. I can still get aroused, but it takes much more effort to do so. Before I demanded sex bi weekly at least lol, or I got crazy bitchy. Palpating (feeling) my testes shows them softening and becoming smaller and spongy. My penis has shrunken as well, mainly staying fully retracted in the foreskin now. This is probably from the combination of it all. I intended to approach this in a clinical way, to document all the changes.

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