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Ainterol.us or Ainterolherbs?
I usually just get it on Amazon. Prices seem to be normal again, there was someone selling it for like 3 times as much as either Ainterol site for awhile last year. Slightly more than the Ainterol sites, but at least you can track your order and don't have to deal with Paypal checkout.
The Ainterol sold on Amazon is marked up by at least 50%(depending on seller, +shipping costs) more than ainterolherbs.com and they don't even sell the liquid extract. It's not exactly a good deal.
(04-01-2017, 08:48 PM)RMCharlotte Wrote: Decided to include PM but where do I get it from?

I would prefer to get from ainterol but ainterolherbs.com is still in vacation mode. cant order anything from there.

is ainterol.us any good? anyone have experience there?

I notice on ebay there are those that sell ainterol PM but are they legit?

try Amazon I have no issues there
So here's the $100 question everyone has been delicately avoiding: In the case that the continued non-functionality of the two Ainterol websites is indicative of the death of Ainterol, is Barlowe's an equal (or near-equal) product?

For those curious, here's how the prices currently break down:
Ainterol (via the non-operative websites, ie a moot point, but our emotional baseline): 100 @ $15USD (0.15 per cap)
Ainterol (via Amazon, distributed by 3rd party): 100 @ $24USD (0.24 per cap)
Barlowes (via Amazon, dis. by Barlowe's): 60 @ $12USD (0.20 per cap)
Barlowes (via Barlowe's website): 60 @ $11USD (0.18 per cap)

So, per 100 caps, Barlowe's runs $3 more expensive than those of us who ordered via Ainterol are used to. (That's without factoring in the fact that Barlowe's caps are 550mg vs Ainterol's 500mg, which stretches my shoddy high school algebra further than it can be stretched.) Is the Ainterol worth paying the extra money for on Amazon, or is Barlowe's a good choice while (or in case) Ainterol's websites continue to be a no-go?

The same people behind Ainterol.us are also working on a site (which appears to be in limbo) OneGoes.com. Note that it's right on the most recent bottles of Ainterol capsules.

AinterolHerbs.com appears to be a completely different entity (perhaps an affiliate, by the name of William Flynn) that has different hosting/location/DNS/IP Address (different from the two above).

I checked it out as I wanted to give William a call to see when and if his site's ecom functionality was (if ever) going to be active again. I ended up writing him to see if his site will once again be taking orders anytime soon. I'll let you know if I hear anything.
(12-01-2017, 06:43 PM)VergeOfDiscovery Wrote: I ended up writing him to see if his site will once again be taking orders anytime soon. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

Brilliant. I was hoping someone would!
http://www.ainterolherbs.com's checkout just came back up! Smile

I just placed my order without any trouble.

The promotional code : vacation
is still valid for a 10% discount, not sure how much longer it's valid for though.
Nice. Noticed they also added extract to the "shipped within the USA" section.
I'm glad I managed to order yesterday, because they don't have any of the internationally shipped items(anything not listed as shipped from US) listed for some reason today(they were available yesterday).

I just hope my order still goes through.

They just refunded(in process, hasn't actually been refunded yet) my order for the liquid extract telling me it was out of stock.
In the email they said:
"Refunded for extract that is out of stock - we only have capsules of pueraria and sprays and creams at this time."

I hope this doesn't mean they aren't offering products that are shipped international only anymore.

It also means I was cheated out of the 10% discount
FYI - Just noticed William Flynn responded to another's related question on the ainterolherbs.com site forum (where he's also the admin):

"We were closed waiting for our supplies - we are now reopened - phone support will be slowly getting better as we catch up."

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