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Good News!
Well.... Good news, bad news, and "meh" news.

Good News: My Endocrinologist finally caved in and prescribed me the PATCH! WOOHOO!

Bad News: My insurance company is being a **** and won't cover it. It's $100 USD per month.

"meh" News: There's a good chance they can talk it over with my insurance company and get them to cover it. Good chance, but not a guarantee.

     What kind of results can I expect from the trans-dermal E patch, and exactly how is it superior to the pills? I know there was a thread that covered this but I can't seem to find it. ADHD is a jerk when you're trying to find things.
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Ask for a supervisor and then tell them GD is a psychiatric diagnosis. Also GD is a disability.  Under title 9 ADA and Title 22 you cant be discriminated against.  A Women with perimenopause gets the same perscription. For the same condition hormone replacement.  

You have the right under mediation in your health csre contract to demand a third part mediator.  You may have to be the first person in your health care company to pay a co pay for GD meds.  Ask for remuneration ask for your premium refunded.
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