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Development? Discreet Breasts?
After stopping, and starting again, I think I have achieved breast buds (slightly painful if touched lumps under aerolas?) with originally 1500mg of PM and 1000mg of SP, but since then I have drastically reduced this to a steady 1000mg of PM and 500mg of SP. However, I just really don't know if I want to be stuck with odd aerolas. Since starting, they have enlarged slightly, and certainly gotten a little puffier, but still not enough to be noticeable unless you look from my POV when I'm slouching. I'd really, really prefer to keep it that way (even though I'd love to have nipple orgasms). The women in my family seem to have C - D cup breasts, so that makes me think that when their breasts develop, they don't really take the form of actual breasts and still have the nipples puff out of their chest until they're around an A - B cup. Though, I am about 135 lbs and 5'10, so I have a fairly slender body, so maybe the breasts would be more muscular and less noticeable if I worked out my chest? If you're reading this, please answer these questions along with the ones below. I think it's also important to note that I'm 18. Thanks!

1. Is there a stage where my aerolas will puff out less when I reach AA - A cup, and actually start developing breasts and not just changes in my aerolas?
2. Is it realistic for me to desire AA - A cup breasts that aren't too noticeable, along with noticeable nipples/aerolas? Keep in mind, the women in my family have C - D cup breasts. I'd like to have just large enough breasts to not be noticeable, but to also be able to fill at least a pushup bra.
3. Maybe I should try natureday products if I'm worried about odd aerolas? If you think so, which ones, and what happens when I stop?

Thank you!


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