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Courage: what if this forum didn't exist?
Here's a very boring and introspective question for us all.
This forum gives us a sense of support and creates a bubble of reality where it's ok for men to have breasts. We all well know that "normal" is a relative term and that if we told anyone outside here that we take herbs to grow breasts without the will to transition they would not consider it normal.

So, how much of our courage comes from this forum? Ho much more "safe" do we feel knowing that someone on the other side of the world shares our "un-normal" will to grow a pair of boobs?

I tend to come here and read other people's stories whenever I have a WTF moment and, looking down at my chest, I tell myself that I am going crazy. It's this forum, and forums like this, that help me pushing my boundaries, taking some risks with family and work. Without this forum I probably wouldn't even consider the idea of taking any sort of hormones (phyto or not) to enlarge my breasts.

What is your point of view?
WOW that sounds like a Julie question!
I for one never knew it was possible to grow breasts as a male.
I have been cross dressing for a long time and really was bored with falseys and yearned to have my own breasts to fill my bras.
When I stumbled onto this website I was blown away. I tried a hundred different herbs and spices and massage, and it wasnt till I bit the bullet and bought PM that I see progress. Now I have an honest A cup and lve to wear my bras now. I actually can tell the difference between a good and bad fitting bra now.
I have been encouraged by many of the stories here and have made some good friends too. So yes this site has encouraged me to grow breasts, and it has also taught me the danger of jumping the fence so to speak and heading away from the male side.
I would love to wake  up one morning to find I am actually a woman, complete with that life, but I also like to get dirty, greasy, sweaty, and not shave for a few days.
SO male staying male is wear I am.

Your turn Julie
Happyme.....  Great reply, it's nice to have a place like this that is not always driven by politics..  (although sometimes it does)  It's a safe place.  Maybe not in real life, but never the less, a safe place for us to be as close to our selves as possible.  That is why I have a few friends here that I consider very precious indeed.
I pretty much identify with almost everything  that Happyme said.
Having said that, I've always been content with who/what I am, so although I enjoy popping in to see what folk are doing, I don't NEED the forum to validate myself.
Great thoughts.  Yes, this is a warm and welcoming place, and I have made many good friends here. It does feel safe, like coming home should feel.

What if the forum didn't exist?  The world would be a colder, and sadder, place.  
How much harder life would be without all the kindness, support, and understanding found here. Smile
Even if this place is a bubble, it's not the only bubble of its kind out there. I can't remember at this point if I came across the Ainterol success pictures forum or this one first...but there are several similar bubbles dotting the landscape, with lots of people with varying interests along similar lines.

I think sometimes we can be in a bubble when we don't consider that some people (that have never even heard of these forums and such) would find breasts on a man appealing...even hot (both women and men). Of course, the masses that feel like they need to remain in their boxes or stay within their lanes (even if they don't at heart want to), may find this a bit odd.

But life is short. Happiness is about discovering and enjoying what you enjoy. When we change, not all those who were previously around us are going to be thrilled, but one may find some new others may be delighted!

In the end, a great guy, with a great pair, is a great thing.

Also, with regard to men with breasts, I see other men sporting rather large breasts without aiming to do so (moobs).

Even last night, I noticed Paul Gyamatti reaching to catch his bouncing manboobs as he stepped up onto the stage for his appearance on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. lol

at: 0.20 in the video

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