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Aching Nipples Tonight
I have just spent 2 hours on my electric breast pumps, and I am really quite wobbly & titty.

But I am still not satisfied, so I have deployed my Nipplefunwear 5 XL nipple teats. 

With extensive lubrication, I have now a suction teat on each nipple, which is sucking me out by about one inch.

The teats are still not full, so I can expect a further extension during the night.

 I am aching quite a lot, but the nipple suction is so gorgeous. I am so big!

Tomorrow, I am looking forward to going back onto the pumps with my extended nipples.
Where did you get your Nipplefunwear 5XL's? When I went to nipplefunwear.com it took me to the supplenips site. The largest they have there are size 4.
I recently bought new 5XLs from the Mr. S leather website. Nipplefunwear itself re-branded a long time ago and changed the way they size but some vendors still have old stock of the wider size scale they used to make Big Grin
Well, if you want wide and large, go to eBay and search "cupping". You'll see all sorts of suction devices of various sizes, some shaped similar to Supple Nips. They're also much cheaper. I bought a set awhile back. They are thicker and firmer than Supple nips and most are much larger, though I like one that smaller in diameter, but very long. I still use the gentler Supple Nips most of the time, but I use the cupping set items sometimes for shorter time periods. If you want to stretch things fast they'll do it.

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