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Somewhere in between...
Honestly, this could go here or males staying male.

Saw this beautiful pic (if that could be said of crustaceans,lol) yesterday and it kind of exemplifies how I feel on the spectrum of things.

I also like this because it shows that even nature is wonderfully diverse and not always so clear cut either. And quite colorful, which is awesome.

The word nebulous (as in less defined, and nebulous galaxies [love them, they're beautiful]) comes to mind...and it's a place in the world feels like home to me.  Smile

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Wow, pretty good sentiment and beautiful picture too.
America's Best Ass Clown! ! 
Woah that crustacean matches my leggings :o

[Image: 7veDGd1.jpg]
(15-03-2017, 11:13 AM)Emma Th3saurus Wrote: Woah that crustacean matches my leggings :o

[Image: 7veDGd1.jpg]

OMG! !    LOL   Big Grin
America's Best Ass Clown! ! 
Well must admit it would look better on a BBQ
But is far too beautiful for that


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