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Falling for a lipstick lesbian
Something strange happened recently.

Always been only into guys, never felt attraction for girls earlier but recently I met this lipstick lesbian who crushes on me and while at first I didn't like her back, I'm starting to like her now. She treats me like a princess, is thoughtful and very pretty and with a golden heart. 

I wonder how sex would go if we ever cross that bridge. She knows I don't want to be touched down there and fortunately respects that.
I'm just scared that if we get in a relationship I will hanker for a guy. 

Thing is I'm way way more straight inclined than lesbian so how would we even make it work? 

She knows that I'm straight and still... There is a connection that can't be ignored.
the heart wants, what the heart wants!

just go with the flow and stop overthinking! xx

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