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hi new member curious
hi every1! i find male lactation very hot at moment i lik learn more about it maybe even find man who can lactate but mostly for curious
funny i see this because recently my nipples have been something i wanted to change. of course my "maleness" took over and said i can make something for this. long story short after about 45 minutes in my home made nipple pumps there was a tingle that really felt wonderful. when i took them off what seemes to me a lot of clear liquid feel out. after thinking about it i releazed what it most likely was. few days later tried it again and sure enough but the time less time may be 30 minutes there was that tingle. i immediately removed them this time carefully and there it was. this time not as much but enough to "pour" out. not sure exactly what it is after reading about this at a few places but prbably closest to lactating i will ever get.

most important thing i would have to say is DO NOT make your own nipple pumps. i threw mine away they where dangerous and could damage the nipples and areola. personally i have been looking around at real electric breast pumps and the different size cones.

good luck have fun and be safe.

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