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Pueraria Mirifica - Estrogen dosage equivalence ?

incorrect figures



it works and it works far better in many levels
I think there are lots of different reasons.

1. Miroestrol
2. AA's that are included.
3. Yes, some ingredients do act as Estrogen Adaptogens.

It's a cocktail, and the strongest phytoEstrogen know right now.  I know that I had to use 1500 mg per day, but hit a wall.  When I tried 2000 mg, I started having problems with cramps everywhere around my body and got sick to my stomach a few times.

Hence, it's HRT now on!
I hope Lotus is doing well. 

(14-02-2018, 05:52 AM)Stevenator Wrote: I hope Lotus is doing well. 


??  Why wouldn't she?

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