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My new dress!
(22-04-2018, 01:16 PM)Happyme Wrote: Hands down you are the prettiest girl there!
Amazing isnt it.!

Awww Thank you! (I won`t tell them that though) Wink

I think what`s amazing is that I managed to last as long as I did all trussed up like a chicken! LOL Big Grin that has to be the most uncomfortable outfit Ever! the strapless bra left marks that lasted until the next day, and the suquins under the arms were sratchy as hell and also left red marks, even having my hands on my lap were getting sore after about an hour or so. yes wear sequins, but don`t let them come into contact with your skin for any length of time.
needless to say All us girls had our shoes off before the night was out, the smart ones took flats with them (me included), there was no way I was going to dance in 4+ inch heels! Dodgy LOL
we raised just over £800 though! Big Grin xx
you look spot on BABE


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