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possibly ready to lactate.
so, lately my boobs have been on the sore side, some definite random aching going on, and I have been massaging a lot more. nipples are sore, and can feel the internal ducts and sacs of the breast. they do seem increasingly larger in the last two weeks. 

Think I may add some fennel, dill and goat's rue oil in the massage oil with some DMSO to see if I can kick start the lactation. Not so fond of the fenugreek, it has a bitter taste and smells like maple syrup. I may also take the herbs internally as a tea. 

will update if there is any progress.
Please, be VERY careful with DMSO!!!

contamination of any sort can make you very sick and can be fatal, you`re effectively injecting whatever it comes into contact with! xx
I miss Lotus.
Amen, Sister Kate!  Great advice.

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