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Breast Imflation
Bought saline from mountain medical (I think) the kits and catheters from dealmed.com way back in april. The saline was dicey because of the flu season.would think better now. Up tp 500cc in one and around 475 in the other.

Using a stand that hangs two bags. Going slow because of the small catheters....also my first time and after first few hours raised the stand to give faster flow.

Feels fantastic.Big Grin
You need to set up a pump... or a system like NASCAR uses! lol
didn't want to force things, bigger catheters maybe 18 , would have been better. I think low and slow will help take all 1000. I'm still comfortable at 550 and 525, bra I have on is a C cup, not full yet.
Big Grin
Your plus 3 hours? I'd vote for high and fast.... instant breasts!!
(20-12-2014, 08:52 PM)Karren Wrote: Your plus 3 hours? I'd vote for high and fast.... instant breasts!!

to 800cc., this is great, did my face and nails while waiting

well I learned a lot...not quite the results I was looking for .. but it was my first time. Took almost 5 hours to do the 650 cc. Way too much.....should have all 1000cc done in 3 hours.
First - my catheters were too small at 22 gauge, next time it will be 18 gauge needles or catheters. the 18 flows almost twice as much
Second - I was sitting on a comfortable bar chair that put me too close to the bottom of the bag. 39" between the infusion site and the bottom of the bag is what you want. There's a reason the stand can raise way up.
Third - Hydrate, hydrate , hydrate - even a little dehydrated your body will grab it from your breasts.

have to say the first time I stuck myself, not knowing what to expect, I was a little nervous but, I had to just do it.
no pain at all, it just slipped in. I felt breasts firming up but never discomfort. Several guys recommend massaging while infusing but I forgot.

Oh and clean clean clean. Shower, shave your breasts, wipe with sterlizing wipes, wipe the spot you stick with alcohol wipes and watch what you touch. a dab of super glue to seal infusion site and a bandaid.

Here we go at 650cc.
[Image: 992ule.jpg]
[Image: jrbn7o.jpg]
Bottom of the bags
[Image: 2w5kfie.jpg]
[Image: 1zmz3w4.jpg]
[Image: 2gwdlvs.jpg]
I don't know!! That looks a bit dangerous.
Hi elaine,

It's great to hear all went well, judging from your smile it looks like you had fun. I'll be honest, the first time I saw this on a news program I thought the girl who did it was completely nuts lol. I'm glad you took the courage and decided to share the results, doing so eliminates some of my ignorance on the subject. It must be like a flash forward (in real time) of how ones breasts would look like in a couple of scenarios.

Well done Big GrinTongue
(22-12-2014, 05:06 AM)Lotus Wrote: .....Well done Big GrinTongue

Thank you so much Lotus.
I've been considering this for years. Researched the hell out of it at newart.com. Posted questions to guys that have done it.And in fact, when I found the BN site I kind of shelved the thoughts of doing an infusion to pursue the benefits of NBE.

And TBH, the gain I had in my breasts, I think actually made it easier to insert the catheters.

When I was doing the first boob, there was enough to lightly squeeze it between my thumb and fore finger to have a nice fleshy spot to stick.

I WAS a little nervous not knowing what to expect. Just went ...ok Elaine....poke1,poke2,poke 3.....DO IT and it slipped right in. To my surprise it really didn't hurt at all. I thought Lisa, my cd girlfriend, was going to fall out of her chair! LoL. When she saw I wasn't hurt, she relaxed. I think she was more nervous than I.

So, I did the same on the other side and I was rolling. I couldn't have done that without the gains I've had since August with the PM, Reishi and Peony Root extract program and your guidance. Thank you.

While it's not for everyone, it's safe with little or no pain if you stick to the rules for the procedure found at newart , it's as great a resource as BN is. Saline infusion there is a subforum to the main on vac pumping and mostly info on ball sack infusion. Some of the guys get a little crazy. Rolleyes

Again, for special occasions I think next time I can produce better results in a shorter time.

Oh .....my date loved them. Tongue

edit - 12/22 - I've pretty much kept a Genie bra on since Saturday night , only off for showers. Kept the girls pushed to the inside. Even though the saline seems to be gone. I do think it left me a little fuller. Yay.
Hi Elaine
Great Results ! Thank you for the tip on mountain medical, I have been trying to order 5% Dextrose but could not find it anywhere but they had it. I bought 8 250m bags. I plan on doing 1000m on each side and I'll post pics each 250. Im told that with Dextrose there is continued growth after you stop. This will be the biggest I have tried and if i'm correct this should get me to DD's.
Now I need to find a date for the night so all that effort doesn't go to waist.

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