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Breast Imflation
Glad to be of help.
Be careful with dex, haven't tried myself but you're right......you keep growing. Supposed to last longer butt it also a better environment for infections.

Be clean,clean,clean! Good Luck.

oh and I want some pics!
I'm anxious to try again myself.
    Ok as promised, here is my last experience with saline
This is after 250cc
Another pic

Attached Files

And this is after 500cc

Attached Files

Another pic

I stopped after 500cc
I thought they were big enough for the night
I think 1000cc would look absurdly big

Attached Files

Very nicely done, what size needles and how long did it take to reach 500cc?
I used 18 g nedles, it took about 2 hours for 500 cc's
Now my girlfriend is slightly pushing for me to go bigger
tomorrow night we are shooting for 1000cc each side
1000cc of dex is ALOT Seecup....
forgot to ask, where did you get the open bra? I want one of those.


this is my favorite open cup bra
(08-12-2014, 03:33 AM)SeeCup Wrote: And this is after 500cc

WOW,, Nice definition,, And they look very symmetrical ,, one of mine looks smaller than the other.

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